The Office Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

The show opens with the crew weighing in for a company weight loss challenge. The winner of the challenge gets 3, later upped to 5, vacation days. The scales come in at 2336 pounds, but that number included Pam who was not supposed to be counted. She stepped off and the weight dropped to 2210.

Many of the staff were excited about the weight loss challenge. Andy wanted to get rock hard abs for Angela, Kelly bought a size 2 bikini she wanted to fit into, and Stanley, who had already begun his own private weight loss regimen, wanted to regain the body as seen in a old photograph of him from the 70s.

Holly leads the staff in yoga lessons and Michael can't stop thinking about her butt. Jim reminds him that people don't think about their friends butts. Holly has an awkward conversation with Oscar who tries to set her up with an instructor at his gym. She tells him she's a lesbian, he tells her he's gay, she said she was just kidding and was just trying to get out of being set up. Oscar acts angry about her joke, but then tells her he was just kidding. Later, when a very pregnant Jan comes in to see Michael, she reconsiders the date.

Pam prepares for her 3 month leave of absence to attend the Pratt Institute in New York. She and Jim try to say their goodbyes, but are interrupted by Dwight and Michael. After she leaves, we meet Ronni, Pam's replacement. Jim explains that he never proposed because he didn't want to spend the first three months of their engagement separated.

Andy, on the other hand, is obsessed with planning his and Angela's wedding. He constantly approaches Angela with romantic ideas, but Angela just gets annoyed. She then pages Dwight and the two sneak off to be together in a back room. Phyllis finds out about their secret affairs and uses the information as leverage to become the new party planner. She tries to plan Stanley's birthday party, but is denied cake. She arranges for a secret cake party, Michael finds out and throws Stanley's cake on the floor. He also finds out about Holly's new date and gets mad at Jim for telling him not to pursue her. Jim realizes that Holly may actually be perfect for Michael because she's kind of a dork.

Ryan suddenly shows up to the office and everyone gets quiet. It turns out that Michael had called his temp agency and outbid everyone else to get him back. He returns as the temp, but he now has a list he keeps of everyone who wrongs him. So far, Kevin and Jim are on the list. Ryan tries to rekindle his romance with Kelly, but Kelly tells him she's still with Darryl. Michael grows a goatee similar to the one Ryan has. Ryan shaves his, then Michael shaves his, but Dwight grows one too before he knew Michael was going to shave.

Meanwhile, we see Pam at school. She goes to the wrong class, but her teacher won't let her leave. Jim shows up to visit, but is sent to the commons area while Pam helps some girl with a roommate problem. Later, Pam meets a group of new friends, including some guy, and blows of a call from Jim to hang out with them.

The gang weighs in every week and with the exception of the first weigh in, the team just can't seem to drop any weight. This makes everyone a little crazy. Kelly faints after being on a diet of lemon juice, maple syrup, and pepper. After she recovers, she buys what she thinks is a tapeworm from Creed. Dwight tells Kevin, Phyllis, and Stanley they need liposuction. Later, he tells Phyllis he needs help with a sure fire sales call and drops her off in a bad part of town where she then had to walk 5 miles back to the office. This prompts another sensitivity training which Michael leads in his Michael Krump fat suit. During the meeting Ryan tells Kelly he thinks she's perfect.

After multiple attempts to try to please Angela, Andy finally breaks down and tells her how much he loves her. This causes Angela to feel guilty and stand up Dwight in the back room. By the end of the episode, Andy returns to annoying her when he insists t


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