CSI Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

Detective Jeffery McKeen shoots Warrick and begins to walk away. He calls the police dispatcher to report shots fired and an officer down. Gil Grissom hears the call on his radio and runs to the alley. He sees Warrick's Mustang and rushes to open the door. He pulls Warrick out of the car and sees that he is bleeding profusely from his neck.

McKeen returns and sees Warrick still alive. He puts his hand to his gun as Warrick makes gurgling noises as he tries to talk. McKeen then relaxes when he sees Warrick close his eyes and fall limp in Grissom's arms.

Catherine Willows arrives later and finds the rest of her team sitting down with their heads low. She walks up to the Mustang and sees Grissom with the entire front of his shirt covered in blood. She cries as she looks down and sees the investigators cover Warrick's body and face with a white blanket.

McKeen is giving a report of the events to another officer. He says that he was walking down the street, heard shots coming from the alley, then ran in to investigate.

He states that he saw a white adult male near the Mustang running away from him. He says that he went to the Mustang and believed that Warrick was dead, so he pursued the suspect and called in the incident. McKeen adds that the man entered a dark 4 door sedan and drove away. The detective taking McKeen statement asks if it was Pritchard, the man that framed Warrick for murder earlier. McKeen responds by saying, 'Who else could it be?'

The sunrises and team is still too stricken with grief to investigate the scene. Warrick gets the team rolling by asking Detectives Nick Stokes and Catherine to process the vehicle. Nick says, 'I feel sorry for who ever did this,' as he prepares to investigate.

Back at the lab, news of Warrick's death has spread. The team anguishes as they see Grissom enter with a blood stained shirt.

Back at the scene Nick finds .25 caliber shell casings and a autopistol on the floor of the Mustang. They determine that the passenger side window was rolled down and the shots were fired from within the car. Catherine hypothesizes that Warrick may have rolled down his window to cool off, but Nick questions why he wouldn't just roll down the driver side window.

Later during roll call, Captain Jim Brass tells the officers that Warrick Brown is their main priority. He states that Pritchard is suspected and that they should set up road blocks to try to bring him in.

Grissom walks in his office and finds Sara Sidle. She says that she just flew in and is there to help with the funeral arrangements and to assist with any assignments.

Later Catherine examines the murder weapon and finds that the serial number has been removed. She opens the gun and finds that there is another set of numbers that has not been touched. Later she runs the numbers in the database and finds that the gun was used in a robbery where Pritchard was the investigating officer. The gun was ordered to be destroyed, but must have been taken.

Nick examines the Mustang in the lab and finds that the volume has been turned down. He rolls up the passenger window and finds smudges on the outside that he later discovers is knuckle prints. Nick figures that Warrick normally likes to blast his music and that he would not roll down his windows for Pritchard. He figures that Warrick turned down his music to talk to someone else that he knew. The team figures that McKeen led the investigators to believe that Pritchard was the killer. They suspect McKeen, but they need evidence.

At Warrick's apartment Sara and Greg Sanders look for a set of clothes for Warrick to wear in the casket. Greg finds a envelope in one of his drawers from Warrick's lawyer. They are surprised to find an envelope containing a DNA test showing that he was the father of a boy. It also contains a psych evaluation DVD to be used in a custody battle.

Sara returns to the lab and shows Grissom the DVD. On it, Warrick talks to the psychologist about a


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