Without a Trace Season 7 Episode 5 Rise and Fall Recap

A counselor named Ariana talks with a woman Named Fran who has just witnessed a violent crime. Ariana calms Fran down and gets her to walk past two dead bodies and out the door. Fran asks where her brother and his wife are and Ariana explains that they were killed. She gets Fran into the ambulance and tells her that she'll visit her in the hospital.

The detectives are notified that Ariana went missing after counseling Fran. They find out that Fran's ex-husband Andy was abusive and they suspect he killed Fran's brother and sister in law. Medina makes Andy their number one suspect, but Jack says it may not be as obvious as he thinks. He suggests they look at the 192 other violent crimes cases Ariana worked on and says they should also talk to her girlfriend.

The detectives interview Ariana's girlfriend. She says that Ariana didn't have any unusual cases and no one had threatened her. She tells the detectives that Ariana became a counselor because she saw her mother's boyfriend murder her mother when she was young and that trauma made her want to help other people. She also tells them about a dinner date she and Ariana went on recently. She said that Ariana had given her a pair of earrings and she noticed bruises on Ariana. She asked Ariana to quit her job, but Ariana said she couldn't after that, the two didn't talk much about her work.

The detectives look into her mother's killer and find that he was paroled 2 months ago and is now missing. They think he could have a motive to hurt Ariana since she testified against him in court. They also think Ariana could have had a problem with someone from work and look into the 12 cases she worked on over the past week. Medina reminds the detectives that Andy is still missing and should be their prime suspect.

The detectives meet with Fran and ask her what happened the night Ariana went missing. She said that her abusive ex-husband had followed her to her brother's house. Her brother told her to hide and he answered the door. Andy barged in and her brother hit him in the head with a flashlight. Andy then became angry and shot her brother and sister in law while she watched from inside the closet. The detectives as if that was the first time she met Ariana and Fran says no. She says she met with her a week ago to talk about her abusive husband. Ariana told her to withdraw some cash and find shelter. Fran says that Andy knew about Ariana because he found her card in her purse.

The detectives find out that Ariana went to a coffee shop after visiting Fran in the hospital. An eyewitness also recognized Andy from a photo and said he was at the coffee shop at the same time as Ariana. Medina then walks in and plays the broadcast of the news that a 4 year old girl named Madeline Ross has just gone missing from a mall. He tells the team that Madeline is now their top priority. Jack protests having his case killed and Medina says that Ariana is already dead, but they can still save the girl.

Jack confronts Medina and says that he doesn't know that Ariana is dead. He thinks Medina is just trying to gain publicity for finding the girl, thinking that he'll get a bigger reward than he would get finding a lesbian. Fitzgerald then interjects and says he'll take over Ariana's case and Jack can look for Madeline. Medina gives Fitzgerald one hour to find Ariana.

Fitzgerald acquires Andy's phone records and sees that he called his mother after Ariana went missing. He call's Andy's mother, but she refuses to talk to him and hangs up.

The rest of the detectives interview Madeline's parents. Mrs. Ross says that she took her kids, Madeline and Shelly, to the mall to pick up their uniforms before their game. She says they were running late, so they were in a hurry. Mr. Ross says he waited in the car while the girls went inside. Mrs. Ross says she passed a bath store and ran inside to get a gift for her sister. She had Shelly watch Madeline on the bench while she went in the store.



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