Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Betty uses a large overcoat and Daniel's limo to fool the paparazi into thinking she is Daniel so that Daniel can visit Alexis in prison without fanfare. Daniel tells Alexis that their mother thinks she can get out of jail soon, but he's still mad that she almost let him take the fall for her. Alexis tells Daniel that she is actually DJ's father, but will relinquish full rights to him and keep the truth within the family. Daniel is silent from the news, then leaps and tackles Alexis.

Hilda calls Betty at work and asks if she and Coach Tony Diaz can use her apartment again. Betty says yes, then looks up and sees Gio. Hilda warns her that he probably hates her for saying no to his trip to Rome, but Betty remembers that he totally understood and was fine with her choice. She hangs up, runs to Gio and gives him a hug. He hands her a flyer that says she's banned. She asks why and he says because when he asked her to go to Rome she said she'd rather be alone and spit on him.

Gio tells Betty about his 2 week trip by himself to the most romantic place in the world where everywhere he went he was registered under her name because Daniel made the arrangements. The trip was worth it because he met a man who makes an exquisite gourmet cheese, a cheese that he was going to take back and make Gio's Sandwiches famous. However, he was detained at customs and his cheese was confiscated. While he was waiting, he had an epiphany.

Gio tells Betty he hates her, she's not a nice person, and he wants her banned from his life. Betty then goes to Daniel to tell him her problem with Gio. She mentions the cheese and Daniel says that he's friends with Mario, the guy who has access to the cheese. She begs him to get her some so she can make up with Gio.

Marc goes to Wilhelmina and tells her that Christina is spending a couple extra days at the spa. Wilhelmina is upset that all Alexis got for pushing her unborn baby down the stairs was community service. She tells Marc to call the District Attorney.

Alexis then finds out that her charges were suddenly raised from misdemeanor assault to attempted murder and her request for bail has been denied. Claire tells Alexis not to worry because she's a major campaign donor to the District Attorney. She calls him, but he tells her that it would look bad and his hands are tied. He hangs up and we see he is literally tied up by Wilhelmina, dressed as a dominatrix convincing him to do her bidding.

Tony and Hilda have an indoor picnic at Betty's apartment. Hilda tells him that she's been doing some thinking and doesn't think she can continue dating a married man. He promises her that he'll tell her wife later that day that he's going to leave her. As Tony leaves, Tony's wife is outside the apartment. She reads the name on the door, Betty Suarez.

Daniel's Lawyer tells him that DJ's grandparents found out about him not being DJ's father and a judge has awarded them custody. He tells Daniel that if they get DJ on French soil, he'll probably never get to see him again.

The cheese arrives and Amanda gives it to Betty, who then gets pulled aside by Daniel. Betty explains her plan of ordering Gio's sandwiches to be delivered to her apartment that he doesn't know about and when he arrives, she'll surprise him with the cheese. Daniel asks Betty to pick up DJ from school and take him for the day. Betty leaves and Daniel meets with DJ's grandparents. They explain that he's all they have since their daughter died. Daniel tries to say he doesn't know where DJ is, but Amanda walks in and says he's at Betty's apartment.

Betty gets Gio to come to her apartment. He takes the cheese and tries to leave. She takes the cheese back and demands that they talk first. She tells him all about her trip and how it changed her life. He gets mad and tells Betty that she just told him how breaking up with him changed her life for the better. He says that she has no intention of making him feel better, she just wants to make h


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