Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Victoy and her contractor boyfriend Rodrigo (played by Carlos Ponce) are together on a sightseeing boat about to kiss when Victory's phone rings. Joe is on the other line and says he has a problem with the lighting for her store. Victory tells him she'll deal with it tomorrow and Joe hears the contractor in the background and gets mad that she's on a date with him.

Kirby goes to Nico's house and asks her to go out with him. She tells him she'd rather stay in. He reminds her that they don't have to worry about running into anyone anymore, but she insists that she's not ready yet.

Wendy, Shane and Sam watch the John Lennon movie and the subject of the soundtrack comes up. Wendy suggests Shane go for it and Sal says Wendy can hook him up like she did before. An awkward silence befalls the room as they continue the movie. When Shane and Wendy get home, Shane gets mad at her for not telling him the truth about his previous job. He tells her she can't take care of everything, then they go to bed.

Victory and her new boyfriend go back to her place and make out on her couch. She invites him upstairs, but he says he has to get home. He then tells her he has a 10 year old daughter. Victory says she's okay with him having a daughter and asks about the mother. He tells her she's in Arizona and it's a long story, then leaves.

Nico arrives at the office and is greeted by a letter from mental health advocates who are threatening a boycott over her latest magazine spread depicting fashion in insane asylums. Nico goes to a meeting headed by Griffin, the new boss. He asks everyone about synergy and Nico and Wendy point out that Nico is planning a music based magazine spread to coincide with Wendy's Lennon movie. He says that's good, then tells Nico she has to send a letter of apology to the mental health advocates. She refuses saying that it could lead to censorship and defends her provocative piece by saying if people are talking about it, then it's selling. He insists she write the letter and tells her she's just mad that he got the job she wanted.

Nico and Mike ride in the elevator together and Nico tells him that she heard Griffin was planning on firing everybody so he could bring his own staff in. She tells him she's exploring other offers and suggests he do the same. When they exit the elevator, Nico is handed a bouquet of flowers. Mike reads the card from Kirby and teases her about going from sexual harassment to flowers.

Dahlia (Played by Rosie Perez) tells Victory that she needs exposure to promote her new store. She tells her that there's a new restaurant opening and Victory needs to be there. Dahlia notices Victory making eyes at the contractor and she tells her she can't date him, he's not good for her image.

Joe walks in with a Russian designer, Tatiana. He tells Victory he's helping her open a store similar to hers, then asks if she's jealous. Victory says she isn't, but she doesn't want some other lady to have an exact copy of her store. Joe tells her that Tatiana is just interested in her Green design, to which Tatiana says 'not green, gold'.

Wendy walks into her office to find everyone huddled around a desk. She tells them to get back to work, but is told that Noah passed away. Wendy runs out of the office and Sal follows her, telling her she needs to return a bunch of calls. Griffin then calls for Sal and he gets nervous. She tells him not to worry about it, he did nothing wrong. When Sal goes into Griffin's office, Griffin tells him he knows Noah's medical forms were forged and to keep his eyes and ears open.

Nico has Mike read her "apology" letter, which is actually more like character assassination. Nico finds out about Noah and leaves to find Wendy. Mike forwards her letter to Griffin's email.

Victory talks to Ellen about Joe and Tatiana. Rodrigo overhears Ellen tell Victory that Joe would rather only be working for one designer. Victory asks Rodrigo out for dinner, but he turns her down. He a


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