The Mentalist Season 1 Episode 5 Redwood Recap

The CBI team is called to the scene of an abandoned car driven by two girls who are now missing. Cho notices another set of tracks at the scene, but everyone assumes they belong to the car of the person who reported the girls' abandoned car. The local officer's dog starts sniffing for the girls' scent, but instead of moving, the dog stays by the car. Patrick asks the cops if they checked under the car and when they look, they see the body of Kara Palmer. The other girl, Nicole Gilbert, is still missing.

The sheriff explains that since it's a small town, they knew the girls well. He says that Kara was a good kid who was never in any trouble and Nicole was her best friend who had some troubles with drugs, but nothing major. The officer's dog then picks up the scent of the other missing girl and the group heads into the woods. They run into local men who want to help with the search. Everyone believes that Nicole killed Kara, but Teresa tells the men to shed their assumptions until they have proof.

The CBI team talks to Kara's parents. They don't believe that Nicole killed their daughter. They say she was pretty much part of the family and they couldn't think of any reason why the girls would get into a fight. Kara's mom thinks of one thing the girls disagreed on, Nicole's boyfriend Jason. She says that Kara told Nicole that she was too good for him, but Nicole ignored her advice and planned on marrying him. Kara's parents say that Kara had high standards so she never had a boyfriend herself.

The officer's dog suddenly stops and the detectives realize the trail has run cold. Patrick says that the distance the dog went from the car was too far for Nicole to have run so he believes that she was abducted and is either captured or dead. Patrick asks the sheriff if there's anyone joining the search team who would be asexual predator. Teresa explains that men often like to join the search party for the person they've victimized. The sheriff vouches for all the men he works, then changes his mind to vouch for most of them.

Wayne and Cho go to Nicole's boyfriend Jason and question him about his whereabouts the night the girls went missing. Jason tells them that they were having a party to celebrate his and Nicole's engagement. He says that he had too much to drink so Kara drove Nicole home. He tells them that he passed out and was on the floor of the bar the whole night, but says he has video of the party to prove he's innocent.

Patrick gathers all the members of the search team together and instructs them to raise both their hands. He says to lower your right hand if you killed Kara, but no one drops their arm. He explains that he usually gets a hit on that request and tells everyone to forget he mentioned it. The detectives then get a call saying Nicole has been found.

Nicole is on the floor of a convenience store, covered in blood and eating snacks frantically. She is in shock and has no memory of what happened. She's taken to a hospital and the sheriff wants to arrest her. Teresa and Patrick tell him to wait then ask the doctor if he told her that Kara is dead. The doctor says he hasn't because he didn't want to upset her too much. Teresa asks if she can talk to Nicole and the doctor allows it as long as she doesn't upset her.

Teresa asks Nicole about the last thing she remembers. Nicole says she was at a party and everyone was having a good time. Nicole asks where Kara is, but nobody answers her. She asks again and Patrick finally tells her Kara was stabbed to death. Teresa scolds him, but he explains that she was going to find out anyway. He then asks Nicole to remember what happened after the party. He tells her to look at him and try to remember. She says that they were in the car and she asked Kara to pull over. She got out of the car and threw up, then a man approached them. She heard a noise that sounded like water, but doesn't remember anything else. Patrick pushes and Nicole becomes upset, causing the do


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Oct 29, 2008 4:17PM EDT

loved this episode this is a great show it is much better and more believable than psyc hope they make a season 2

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