Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 5 Granny Pants Recap

Betty tells Claire she's concerned that Daniel hasn't talked about DJ since he left. She is also having a difficult time balancing the demands of Daniel and Wilhelmina who now share the job of Mode's Editor in Chief equally. Claire tells her she'll take care of it. Daniel and Wilhelmina get in a fight over using the theme of 'Love is a Battlefield' and 'Puppy Love' for the Valentine's issue and Claire intervenes.

Betty tells Daniel that she's sick of doing everything twice, but nothing ending up getting done. Amanda approaches Betty and tells her she's bored. She also tells Betty something is at her desk. Betty goes to her desk and sees Kimmie in her chair.

Kimmie tells Betty that she took her advice to aim for bigger things. She says she quit her job, but can't find another, her boyfriend was cheating on her so now she's alone, and there's pain in her joints which makes her think her Lyme's Disease is back. Kimmie begs Betty to help her by getting her a job at Mode. Betty starts to tell her that there aren't any openings, but Daniel walks in and says Betty can hire an assistant to help with all her extra work. Kimmie takes the job.

Betty goes to Christina to explain her predicament. She remembers back to high school when her and Kimmie were both starting at a new school together. Betty saw Kimmie sitting alone at a lunch table and asked to sit down. Kimmie said yes, then asked Betty to get a water from a refrigerator. Betty had to get up on a chair to reach the bottle. As Betty was grabbing the water, Kimmie came up from behind, said something was on her skirt, then pulled her skirt down. Betty says she spent four years being called granny pants because of that. Christina tells Betty that she can use the time with Kimmie at Mode to exact her revenge and make Kimmie's life miserable.

Kimmie gives Betty the receipts she was sent to collect. Kimmie tells Betty that she was unable to get the receipts from Wilhelmina. She then sees Wilhelmina in the hall and tells Betty she'll asks her for them now. Betty starts to stop her, but then decided to let Kimmie get yelled at. When Kimmie asks Wilhelmina for the receipts, she also tells Wilhelmina she has the same jacket and Wilhelmina flips out.

Betty talks to her family about Kimmie. Hilda, who is using anger to deal with her feelings about breaking up with Tony, tells Betty to let Kimmie rot. Ignacio, on the other hand, tells Betty she should help Kimmie and reminds her that no one helped her on her first day which made her feel bad. Justin lets it slip that he has a bully at school, but tells his mom he can handle the situation himself.

Marc and Amanda try to come up with a new way to entertain themselves at work. They see Betty's new assistant and realize they hit the jackpot. They make fun of her outfit and accessories. Kimmie knocks down charts during a meeting, then nervously tries to pick everything up. She leaves the room, then smacks into the glass door on her way back. Everybody laughs at her and Betty decides to stick up for Kimmie. She promises everyone she'll turn Kimmie into the perfect assistant.

Betty teaches Kimmie her ARG method, meaning that she needs to anticipate, research, and have gumption to get ahead at mode. Betty takes Kimmie around the office to teach her necessary tasks, but Kimmie fails at all of them. Betty tells Kimmie that the just needs to regain the confidence she used to have in high school.

Claire joins Daniel for breakfast. Daniel sees that she's eating kids cereal and asks her why. Claire tells him DJ got her hooked on the stuff. She then gives Daniel some of DJ's things that he left behind. Daniel finally opens up to Claire saying he misses DJ and that DJ made all the stupid things in his life not matter, now that he's gone, all he has are the stupid things. Daniel admits that he wants a family and feels like his clock is running out. Claire assures him he has plenty of time to start a family.

Hilda is training Justin f


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