Black Gold and Red Blood

During a murder investigation, Bosco arrests Jane for planting a mic on them and spying them on the Red John case. Jane goes to jail, but he manages to solve the murder there and escapes.

Pretty good episode. It was interesting and pretty cool. At the end it is revealed that Lisbon and Bosco have a leverage that could ruin both of their careers. An affair? That's what I think. Possibly, as Jane said, Bosco murdered a criminal and Lisbon didn't tell on him. That sounds about so. Whatever it is, it has made a pretty good deal of suspense. But in further episodes Bosco dies, so I don't know if we will ever find out. Maybe Lisbon tells Jane. I don't know. But this is going interesting.

The execution of this episode was fantastic. I loved the scene where Jane instigated the arrest of Roddy Gerber by calling him up and pretending to be Rigsby. The scene where Jane escaped from prison was well thought-out and geniously written and it really shows you how much disregard Jane has for the law and how much he feels that no matter what he does he has nothing to lose. I thought the conclusion was planned perfectly and I can't wait to learn more about what happened between Lisbon and Bosco 8 years ago. All in all, another great episode!


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