House S06E06 - Joy Recap

Jerry Harmon (played by Salvator Xuereb) is in his kitchen, testing coffee from several different coffee makers. His daughter Samantha (played by Joanna Koulis) walks in and tells her dad she'll be home from school at 4:30. The two talk briefly about her lack of plans for her birthday, then she leaves. Jerry goes to pour himself some coffee, then sees that the pot is empty. He checks the next pot and it's empty too. He gets more coffee from the cabinet and when he turns around, all the coffee makers are gone. His daughter then appears in the kitchen. He asks her what she's doing there she tells him she's home from school and he looks at the clock to see that it's 4:30 already. Jerry finds himself sitting in the living room with his daughter. He starts to sweat and she asks him what's wrong. He says he doesn't know.

Cuddy hands House the case, telling him that Jerry is a 37 year old man suffering from recurring blackouts with no history of drug use or epilepsy. House gives Cuddy a hard time about her seeking to adopt a child and he finds out that she already has found a pregnant mother willing to give her a baby. House asks if the mother is a crack addict. Cuddy admits the mother did meth in the past but says she's clean now. House remains suspicious about the situation.

House gathers the team to assess his new case. While discussing possible diseases that could cause blackouts and memory loss, House starts a pool taking bets as to how many days it will take before Cuddy changes her mind on the adoption. The team learns that Jerry is a product tester and think that he could have been exposed to something dangerous. Sinus Thrombosis is also put out as a possibility and House orders tests. Taub and Thirteen are sent to the Harmon's house to see if they can find any environmental pollutants.

Taub and Thirteen find the house to be very clean and devoid of personality. They see Samantha's room is all white and Taub suggests that the lifeless room is a result of her being raised by a single parent. Thirteen argues that single parents can raise children successfully. They look out the window at the view of the freeway. They then look down and notice mold behind the baseboard. They take a sample and return to the hospital.

Thirteen tests the daughter for mold exposure. Samantha insists she feels fine. Thirteen asks what her and her father do other than work and school. Samantha tells her that her father works at home and she goes to school, they do nothing else. Thirteen asks if her mother's death was hard on her and if she misses her. Samantha says it doesn't bother her because she's not afraid of death. Thirteen reports to the others that the daughter is physically fine, but mentally weird.

The doctors notice Jerry trying to leave the hospital. They stop him and tell him that they still need to run some tests. He tells them he has an appointment and has to go. Foreman notices Jerry's pupils are non-responsive meaning he's sleep walking.

The mold comes back as non-toxic. House prods the team to get them to wonder if Jerry goes somewhere while he's sleep walking. Taub and Thirteen monitor Jerry at his house. They see his brain waves go into a sleep state and then see Jerry leaving the house. They follow him in his car as he stops and talks to a woman. Taub assumes the woman is a prostitute, but Thirteen realizes she is a drug dealer. They approach Jerry's car and find that he is using cocaine.

Cuddy meets with Becca (played by Vanessa Zima), the pregnant woman who's baby Cuddy is about to adopt. Becca asks what Cuddy will call her baby and Cuddy says she likes the name Joy. Cuddy asks Becca why she chose her to give her baby to instead of a married couple. Becca explains that her grandmother was married to a bad man as was her mother. She says when she saw Cuddy's profile, she realized that her baby wouldn't have to worry about being around bad men. Cuddy then notices a rash on Becca's arm. She asks if Becca's had


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Nov 1, 2008 1:54PM EDT

His pupils WERE responsive. If they were non-responsive he'd be dead or have some sort of brain trauma.

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