Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

John, Sarah and Derek read in the paper an article reporting that a Martin Bedell has been kidnapped. Derek recognizes the name and says that Bedell helped train John in the future. He says the man in the article, however, is not the same man, but is someone with the same name. Derek thinks that the 888 Terminator is on a mission to assassinate the real Bedell.

John searches through the phonebook and sees that there are two other Martin Bedells listed. John figures that Martin is at a military school, the Presidio Alto. Derek loads the truck with guns and takes John to protect Bedell.

When they arrive, Derek poses as a soldier with the last name Baum and convinces the school to let John enroll. Derek is asked to fill in for a teaching position and he accepts.

Elsewhere, a kid is playing online video games at his house. The doorbell sounds and he goes to answer it. As the boy peers through the peep hole and the voice behind the door asks if he is Martin Bedell. He says yes and then is grabbed by Sarah Connor and pushed away as bullets shot from outside pierce through the door.

Sarah takes Martin and loads him into a jeep driven by Cameron. The T-888 sees them fleeing and chases after them. The Terminator leaps on top of the vehicle and tears off the roof. Inside, Sarah takes aim with her shotgun and blasts him in the chest, sending him to the pavement. Sarah, Cameron and the boy drive off and leave the T-888.

The boy asks what's going on and Cameron tells him that he is being hunted by a cyborg.

In the Presidio Alto, John is utilizing his time in the school by practicing shooting with the rifle. He helps another student when his rifle jams. Afterwards, another student gets his attention and gives him a demerit for not flagging down a senior cadet to take care of the jam. The student is Bedell, the kid they are sent to protect.

Back at her house, Sarah secures the doors and tries to get Martin ready for his prolonged stay. Martin wants to call his mom and grabs the phone. Cameron stops him, hangs up the phone and lifts him up off of the ground. The boy calms down and falls asleep in his new temporary home. Sarah is determined to care for the Martin until the T-888 is destroyed.

Derek is called to meet the students and answer their questions. He gives a short presentation and afterwards a cadet, Pyle, asks Derek about his war experiences. Pyle enthusiastically asks Derek how many kills has he had. Derek gets angry at Pyle's vision of war as a game. He recalls a story when the stomach of one of his comrades was blasted open during a battle. After hours of pain, he died. After the story, Pyle quietly sits down.

Later, Bedell meets with John during lunch. Bedell tells him that his family expects him to carry on the tradition of graduating in the Presidio. He is considering leaving prematurely to run off with his girlfriend.

Back at Sarah's, Martin watches his mom hold a press conference asking for help to find her boy. He gets upset at the thought of not completing a book report assignment that is due when he returns to his normal life. Sarah helps him find a book and they pick out The Wizard of Oz. Sarah sends Cameron to look after Martin's parents.

Meanwhile at ZeiraCorp, Weaver asks Ellison to look into the Serrano Point nuclear plant incident. He arrives and speaks to the plant manager, Nelson. He shows Ellison a valve that opened and started the meltdown. Nelson says that there are a number of unexplained events including the valve closing afterwards, an appearance of mystery employees, and the disappearance of surveillance tapes. He tells Ellison that the government may prevent the plant going back online on the scheduled date of August 2009.

Ellison goes to a bar where Greenway, the person that reports show was responsible for the plant accident, drank tonic water alone. After the bartender points out a set of pictures of Greenway posted on the wall, Ellison sees Sarah in one of the photos.


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