Chuck Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

An efficiency expert, Emmett Milbarge, visits the Buy More. After interviewing several of the employees, he learns that the crew sees Chuck as the person who keeps the team together. Emmett is wanting to meet Chuck, but he is late coming in to work.

Chuck finally arrives to work. Emmett greets him, but Chuck is preoccupied watching a bald man enter the store. His face triggers his Intersect memory and Chuck recognizes the man as a nuclear weapons expert and terrorist.

Chuck excuses himself from the conversation with the Emmett to sneak and get a closer look at the man. The terrorist approaches Chuck and shows him an old picture of Jeff, one of the Buy More employees. Chuck tells the man that he does not recognizes him. The man then leaves. Chuck looks back at Jeff, sees him dumping a bag of cheesy poofs into his mouth and wonders what the terrorist wants with him.

Chuck meets with Sarah and Casey at the underground lair of the frozen yogurt shop. Chuck tells them about his encounter with the terrorist and learns that his name is Farrohk. The team decides that Chuck should get close to Jeff and find out what the terrorist wants. Sarah notices Ellie walk into the shop and leaves to meet her. Ellie tells Sarah that she is worried about Chuck and his future. Ellie wonders what Chuck is doing that night. Sarah tells her that Chuck is planning to hang out with Jeff later.

Chuck returns to work and asks Jeff to hang out with him later that night. Jeff suggests going to his house, but Chuck convinces him to hang out at the Buy More after hours.

Later that night, Jeff and Chuck meet at the home theater room. They drink beer and Jeff shows Chuck a video montage of Anna set to the Air Supply's 'All out of Love.'

Back at Chuck's apartment, Ellie is talking with Sarah over a bottle of wine. Ellie tells her that she thinks that Chuck is slipping back to his old ways before he met Sarah. She tells Sarah that Chuck is 12 credits short of graduating at Stanford. Sarah tells Ellie not to worry.

Back at Buy More, Emmett sees Jeff and Chuck hanging out in the theater room. Emmett makes notes and returns to his office.

Jeff shows Chuck a VHS tape of a news report shot 25 years ago. The video shows Jeff surrounded by two women receiving the honor of being the Missle Command video game champion. Jeff was given a hundred dollars worth of quaters and a year supply of Slim Jims. The game's creator, Atari's Morimoto, hands Jeff a plaque to commemorate the occasion. After seeing Morimoto, Chuck's Intersect activates. He sees that Morimoto was a scientist working for the Japanese government.

Jeff has a little too much to drink and passes out. Casey sees a van pull up. Farrohk and two other men carrying submachine guns exit and move to enter the Buy More. Casey tells Chuck to take Jeff and get out. Chuck puts Jeff over his shoulder and exits the back.

Chuck takes Jeff back to his apartment. The next morning Chuck loads Jeff into a cab to take him back home. Ellie tells Chuck that she is worried about him and that he has lost track of his goals. Chuck tells her that the world is not going to end today and that he still has his goals.

Chuck returns to work and meets with Jeff. They talk about last night while Morgan and Lester watch. Lester suggests that now that Jeff and Chuck are becoming close, they should form an alliance. Morgan tells him to slow down.

Sarah walks into the Buy More and pulls Chuck away to talk. She tells Chuck that Morimoto was a video game designer and Japanese weapon satellite creator. She tells Chuck that they have photos of Farrohk in the Atari office where he works. She tells Chuck to break into the Atari office to meet with Morimoto.

Chuck and Casey arrive at the Atari office posing as a tech support team sent to fix a computer. They go to the front desk and talk to two nerds working on a computer. The nerds make fun of the two and send them off. The team then decides to send Sarah in posing


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