Private Practice Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The practice has gone green as there are no cups, pens or other supplies for the doctors and staff.

Dr. Violet Turner is making plans to take a trip to Zanzabar. She is excited and wants to bring her sometimes romantic interest and best friend, Dr. Cooper Freedman. Cooper, however, is secretly involved with Dr. Charlotte King, who works at a local hospital.

Dr. Pete Wilder asks Dr. Addison Montgomery out on a date. She is hesitant because she was recently stood up. She later runs into the guy who stood her up at her office. He tells her that he did not want to make her sad but had to attend a SWAT team training. He wants to make it up to her and asks her out, but she says that she has her pride and refuses.

Dr. Naomi Bennett is preoccupied and the two men her life Sam Bennett and Dell Parker add to her problems by wanting to talk to her.

Addison fills in for Naomi and meets with one of her pregnant patients, the Madison couple. The mother insists on seeing Naomi. Addison goes over their records that shows that everything is going normally. The patient begs Addison to induce birth as soon as possible. Addison discovers that the couple's first child is dying and needs a blood infusion soon. Naomi helped the Madisons by finding a fertility donor who mets the son's requirements. Addison refuses to induce because she is only six months pregnant.

Cooper later examines Dean Miller, a young kid who tells him that he wants to have sex with his girlfriend. Cooper tells him to wait and says that if he decides to do it, to use condoms.

After the appointment, Cooper meets with Peter and Sam and says that he has a dilemma. Cooper tells his co-workers that Dean has HIV, but does not know it. Dean's parents won't allow Cooper to tell their son about his condition. He tells his fellow doctors that he is also not allowed to tell Dean's parents about his plans to have sex.

Cooper later meets with the Dean's parents and tries to convince them to tell their son the truth. They refuse and say that if he says anything, they will sue.

Cooper finally gathers the entire Miller family and tells the parents about their son's plans. Cooper leaves the room, allowing the family to talk. After a while, the family emerges and the father pushes Cooper. Dean is angry at Cooper for treating him most of his life while not telling him about his sickness. Dean says that Cooper was too late because he had sex with his girlfriend last night.

Things cool off and the family realizes that Cooper's ultimate intention was to help. The next day the Millers return and ask Cooper for advice on how to deal with their situation.

Addison and Naomi later visit the Madison's sick boy who is riding a bike while breathing through an oxygen mask. The doctors are told that he is going to die within a week if he doesn't receive a core blood infusion. The family realizes that Addison is one of the few people qualified to perform an emergency delivery.

After they return to their office, Addison tells Naomi that she is angry at her for puting her in a position to have to make a moral and ethical choice. Naomi feels like everything is falling apart and also receives bad news from Dell Parker, the receptionist. Dell tells Naomi that he is tired of picking up after her and quits.

Seeing that lately Naomi has been on edge, Addison confronts her in the break room. Naomi confesses that the practice is broke and she was desperate for cash. She says that the Madisons offered her eighty thousand dollars for their help and she had to take it.

Later Naomi and Addison rush to the hospital after getting a call from Charlotte, Cooper's secret girlfriend. They find that the Madison mother broke her own water using a knitting needle. Naomi and Addison get her in the OR and deliver the baby, who comes out pale and tiny. They wheel the preemie daughter into another room and Addison restores the baby's blood flow to stabilize her.

Violet arrives at the hospital. Sh


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