The Ex List Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Recap

Bella Bloom (played by Elizabeth Reaser) takes her sister Daphne (played by Rachel Boston) to a psychic during Daphne's bachelorette party. Bella is the last to visit with the psychic who quickly runs down a list of predictions. She tells Bella a woman will appear at her shop to watch over her, her 5 year old that she shares with an ex-boyfriend with will have a misfortune involving seaweed, and she has a year to get married or she will be single forever. When Bella asks about her future husband, the psychic tells her she's already met and him and is someone she's already dated.

On the way home, Bella stops at her ex-boyfriend Elliott's (played by Mark Deklin) house to pick up Rufus, a dog they share custody of, because she's worried something may happen to him. In the limo, Daphne, who had eaten sushi earlier, throws up on Rufus.

Bella starts to believe the psychic may have been right, but while talking about it with her sister at her flower shop, she realizes that the psychic could never have been right about a woman watching over her at her shop. Meanwhile, her dad, who enlisted the help of Elliott, takes down a large chalkboard to reveal a painting of an older woman.

After the predictions start to come true, Bella returns to the psychic demanding more answers. The psychic tells her that she already told her everything and that it's her journey to take. The psychic gives Bella one more direction, to look for signs, staring with the obvious.

Bella leaves the Psychic and a bird poos on her shoulder. Bella carefully inches over to the paper box and grabs a free publication. She wipes off the mess and notices an ad in the paper for a Johnny Diamont concert. Bella flashes back to being on a beach with Johnny (played by Eric Balfour) playing sappy songs on his guitar. Johnny tells her how much he loves her and she breaks up with him. He starts to cry and tells her it was his birthday.

Bella, who lives with her friends Vivian, Augie, and Cyrus (played by Amir Talai), thinks that the paper was a sign. She asks Vivian (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) to go to the concert with her, but Vivian says she can't since she had just waxed 'down there' and planned on staying in bed all night with her boyfriend Augie (played by Adam Rothenberg).

Bella ends up going to the concert with her sister. They watch as Johnny sings a song about a bitch who left him on his birthday. After the show, while Daphne is in the bathroom, Johhny looks over and sees Bella. He walks up to her, kisses her passionately, then leaves.

Bella and her sister leave the bar and Bella says she was blown away. When they get to the space where the car was, they see a 'no parking' sign and realize the car was towed. Daphne goes off to call for a ride, leaving Bella alone by the back door. Johnny and his band exit through the door and she awkwardly tells him she's not waiting for him. The two talk briefly, then Johnny leaves.

Augie and Vivian get into a fight because he's not attracted to her new style. Vivian points out that Bella has an awful mole on her back. Everyone looks at it, then makes fun of her. While they're laughing, Elliott stops by to pick up Rufus. Elliott wants Bella to go for a walk with him, but she doesn't want to be his girlfriend since he has no intention of marrying her. Elliott leaves and Bella's friends tell her he may be the one.

Bella goes back to the club that Johnny was playing at and tries to talk to him again. He tells her that he both loves her, but also really wants revenge and she has bad timing since it's his birthday again. Bella goes back to her shop and calls Johnny. She sings happy birthday to him in his voicemail. Johnny then shows up at the door and the two reconnect. The next morning, Johnny tells Bella how much he's missed her and starts to cry.

Bella tells her friends that she thinks Johnny is too clingy. They tell her to break it off with him right away. Bella meets with Johnny at the beach and as he


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