Knight Rider Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

At the Knight cave, the team is watching a arms dealer walking in a city plaza. Following him are two members from a different agency. The man goes to a hot dog stand and leaves a briefcase behind. One of the agents follows the man while the other stays behind with the case. The man goes to a door of a building and enters using an electronic keypad. The door closes, locking the agent outside.

At the plaza another man grabs the briefcase and walks off. The other agents knocks him down and opens the case. The man says that he was paid to take the case and walk across the plaza. Inside the case is a piece of paper saying, 'Have a nice day.'

The arms dealer goes to the parking garage of the building. He meets his contact and a trade is made. His contact then elbows him and pushes him into his van. Just before the contact restrains the hands of the dealer, he fights back and moves to the front of the vehicle. The dealer is surprised to find that nobody is driving the vehicle.

The contact goes to the front, restrains the dealer and takes control of the wheel. The contact rips his face off to reveal that it is Michael Knight. The car transforms into the Mustang form of KITT.

Mike returns to the Knight cave with the dealer. After his initial refusal, the dealer is forced to input his voice into a computer system. His retinal imprint is also taken. The man's PDA is scanned and KITT finds that he is to meet with someone at a nearby warehouse.

KITT takes Mike to the warehouse, but before arriving, Mike puts on a pair of contact lenses and a voice patch replicating the dealers eyes and voice.

Mike arrives at the warehouse where he meets with a man with a goatee. Mike is given a retinal and voice recognition test, which he passes.

Because the men believe he is the dealer, Mike is given a briefcase and before he leaves, a thug injects him in the back of the neck with poison. The man with a goatee tells Mike that it is insurance for him completing his task and that after it is done he will receive the antidote.

Mike returns to the cave and is told that the injection is a combination of truth serum, hallucinatory drugs and poison. KITT estimates that Mike has 2 and a half hours to live.

Inside the case, the team finds a pass to the 'Tech of Tomorrow' convention being held nearby and a coat check ticket. Mike figures that he must deliver the briefcase to another person.

Mike leaves then arrives at the drop off location and waits at a bench. The injection begins to take effect and he passes out momentarily. When he reawakens, he finds that his briefcase is missing. KITT directs him to follow a woman who is carrying the case. The woman gets into a car and speeds off. KITT picks up Mike and they follow. The woman drives recklessly and crashes into a vehicle which causes her to flip over. Mike approaches her vehicle and finds her dead.

Mike returns to the cave and the team finds a porcelain gun with bullets and a laptop with the woman. Within the laptop, KITT finds a deleted email containing instructions to assassinate a target then receive ten million dollars in a bank account. The target is not named in the email. The team decides to fake an assassination scene, collect the money, and trace the person who ordered the hit.

Mike goes into his room to change into another identity to carry out the fake assassination. Sarah, who has previously planned to take Mike to a friend's wedding later, enters to help him out. Mike passes out briefly from the drugs. He wakes up and tells Sarah that he thinks she is beautiful.

Mike, now disguised in a face mask, enters the convention. He gives the coat check stub to a lady and receives a purse. The coat check lady asks what he is doing with a purse and he tells her the truth that he is a spy. She smiles and ignores what he just said. Mike goes to the bathroom and looks inside the purse. Inside, he finds another pair of contact lenses. He has difficulty putting in the lenses


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