Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 5 Mirror, Mirror Recap

Gabby nervously checks her datebook as Juanita asks her what's wrong. Gabby explains that her friend that comes every month to tell her she won't be having another brother or sister for Juanita is late. Juanita says that she wants a little brother or sister. Gabby tells her that she misses her friend and will be sad if she doesn't see her soon.

Gabby then flashes back to finding out about her first pregnancy. The doctor tells Gabby a miracle has happened and she's pregnant. Gabby slaps the doctor and tells him it's terrible news because she has no money. She then tells Carlos, who is also excited about the miracle, and he promises to get a job as a masseur. Gabby then remembers her second pregnancy with a similar visit to the doctor and subsequent reception from Carlos. Gabby tells Carlos after the second baby, he must have a vasectomy.

Now in the present time, while walking to the party Gabby tells Carlos that she thinks she's pregnant. She says she's going to talk to Bob about suing the doctor who did Carlos' vasectomy procedure. As they arrive at the party, Carlos finally admits that he never had the operation.

Susan looks into the mirror and thinks about her meeting Jackson for the first time. She remembers telling him that she wanted to paint her house because she was going through a difficult situation. Jackson listened to the requests for taupe and agreed it would look great. He sat on her bed and told her he liked her house. He then said something smelled good, prompting Susan to fire him for acting inappropriately. Jackson starts to leave telling her that he wasn't hitting on her, he was just afraid to hurt her feelings. Susan then changed her mind and re-hired him.

Susan then thinks back to when she and Mike finalized their divorce. During the meeting with the lawyer, Susan asked for a minute alone with Mike. She asked him if they were doing the right thing and he reminded her that the divorce was her idea. He told her he couldn't take it anymore and signed the divorce papers. Susan remembers then returning home, upset, and seeing Jackson painting. She offered him a drink and the two ended up in bed. After, he told Susan he wasn't looking for a relationship and she told him that a casual relationship would be perfect for her too.

Susan returns to the present. Jackson tells her he wants to move in with her. Susan tells him no and reminds them that they were going to keep things casual. He tells her he's fallen in love with her and then Gabby and Carlos show up at the door.

Lynette finds Penny sitting in Tom's car. She asks Penny what's wrong and Penny explains that she's worried that her dad is going to die since she overheard Preston and Porter talking about who would get his car after he's dead. Lynette assured Penny her dad will be fine, then flashes back to when Tom was brought into the hospital after receiving a massive electrical shock at work. She remembers going to the hospital and the doctor telling her that Tom's heart stopped, but luckily an officer was at the location and was able to keep his heart beating.

Lynette remembers Tom in the hospital bed and her telling him that he shouldn't do any more electrical work. Tom told Lynette that he thought he was going to die and while he was lying there, he realized he wanted more out of life. Lynette then remembers when Tom pulled up in his new car, explaining that he wanted one ever since he was an adolescent. Tom then showed her his hospital arm band that he kept as a memento to remind him to live life to the fullest.

Back in the present, Lynette sees Tom pulling up. She runs out to Tom's car, telling him they're going to be late to the party. He presents her with a brochure for an RV and says he wants them to take the kids out of school for a year so they can all travel the country. Lynette reminds tom that they have a restaurant to run and he tells her he sold it.

Bree is getting ready for the party while Orson tells her how excited


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