Private Practice Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Naomi is still angry at Sam and Addison's take over of her administrative duties. Cooper is still hiding his relationship with Dr. Charlotte King from his best friend, Violet.

In the morning, Naomi sees Addison and says hello. She explains that their relationship will be strictly professional and not personal. There is a new receptionist, Jodie, taking over for Dell, who quit earlier. The staff meets in the conference room and sees a schedule with all of their names on it.

Violet takes offense at the board, seeing it as a scheme to maximize profits. Sam explains that it is a useful tool to manage their time. Pete announces that he is booked with patients wanting treatment with his new machine that pulverizes and removes cellulite.

Addison and Naomi have an appointment with a young married couple, Brian and Lisa. The two are very close and say that they share many things in common including going to the same junior high school, having the same tastes and allergies. They are now wanting to have a baby and would like the practice's help. Addison and Naomi take a DNA sample to test later.

Sam meets with Charlie Jensen, the father of one his patients, Kirk. The boy is 17 years old, his mother just recently died, and he has breathing problems that continue to get worse. During his visit, Kirk collapses in Sam's office and is taken to the hospital.

Charlie is willing to do anything for his son. While in bed, Kirk pulls out the tube going into his lungs. With a weak voice he tells Sam and his father that it hurts and does not want to use it. Kirk tells Sam that he does not want this life and wants to die. Sam comforts him as he places a breathing mask on the boy.

Back at the practice, Addison and Naomi get the test results back from Lisa and Brian and find that the married couple are actually brother and sister. They discover that their mothers were fertilized by the same sperm donor. They know that they are going to split them up if they tell them, but they decide it is best.

Meanwhile, Violet asks Cooper out to lunch. He says he can't make it. Earlier he planned to meet with Charlotte for a secret rendezvous, but he does not want to tell Violet about it. Violet knows that he is hiding something and leaves.

In the other side of the clinic, Pete finishes up a cellulite treatment with one of his patients. The patient says that she feels lighter already to which he responds by saying that the machine is only the first step. He tells her that she has to diet and exercise in order to see real results. Pete becomes disappointed after she ignores him and tells him that she rather receive treatments more often.

Addison and Naomi finally sit Brian and Lisa down and tell them the bad news. The couple is shocked and the doctors leave the room to allow them to grasp the situation. While waiting, Addison tries to start a personal conversation with Naomi, but she does not want to hear it. The couple then get up and approach the doctors to tell them that they decided to stay together and have a baby.

Addison tells Lisa that it is 3000 times more likely that their baby will develop a fatal genetic disease, that the government will not allow them to adopt, and no clinic will fertilize her using a sperm donor.

Lisa is determined to stay with Brian and says that she wants her tubes tied.

Meanwhile, Cooper tries to leave to meet with Charlotte for lunch, but is stopped by Sam, who wants him to work and drive in more business. Cooper reluctantly agrees and texts Charlotte to cancel their plans.

Sam gets a message from the receptionist telling him that they are late on payments on medical equipment and a company is on their way to retrieve them. While trying to hide one of the machines, Addison talks to him about Naomi not talking to her. She tries to get advice on what to do about Kevin, the police officer that she had a date with. He tells her to give him a call. Addison is not happy with his help and tells him tha


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