Chapter Seven Eris Quod Sum

Chapter Seven Eris Quod Sum

Peter's thought to be long dead father comes back only to steal his powers while Daphne goes on a mission to kill Matt Parkman. Read the recap and review of NBC's Heroes.


In Mohinder's lab, Tracy and Nathan, who have just broken free after being strapped to his examination tables, ask what the doctor wanted with them. Mohinder tells them that he wanted to take another sample from them to try to find out what gives them their powers. Mohinder then frees Maya from her cocoon and escapes by jumping through the window.

Meanwhile at Pinehearst, Peter is handcuffed to a bed and has flashbacks of the funeral of his father, Arthur. He wakes up to realize that his death was faked. Arthur tells Peter that he is probably in shock due to him stealing his powers. Arthur tells him that he had no choice in faking his death and assembling a team of villains. Peter tells him that he saw the future and it looks bleak. He tells Arthur that he will find a way to stop his plans.

Back at the Bennet residence, Claire and Sandra return from their mission at Doyle's and find their house lights flickering. They enter and find Lyle on the ground. They see that Elle is on the computer and that her electrical field is causing the power to surge. Elle sends a bolt towards Claire, but she does not feel it. Elle manages to get Claire down on the ground, but Lyle pours water on Elle, causing her to short out.

Back at Pinehearst, Arthur meets with Mohinder who has taken Maya to the company's lab. Arthur approaches Maya and steals her power of death by proximity. She is happy to have her curse taken away. Mohinder tries to approach her, but she tells him to get away.

Later, Mohinder is taken to a lab and shown that Pinehearst is working on two halves of a formula that will grant people special powers. Arthur tells Mohinder that he is needed to fill in the blanks in their research. Mohinder agrees to the task, but asks for test subjects.

Back at Primatech, Angela, who is in a coma, telekinetically sends Sylar messages to wake up. Angela tells Sylar that he is her favorite son. She tells him to save Peter at Pinehearst. Sylar takes himself out of his own medically induced coma and frees himself from his cell. He goes to his mother, gives her a kiss and leaves.

Back at the Bennet house, Elle tells Claire that she needs help. She tells Claire that she has lost control of her power and that it keeps on overloading, causing her pain. Elle shows her a Pinehearst business card that she says that she got from Daphne. She tells Claire that they may be able to help her with controlling her powers. The two agree to travel together to Pinehearst.

Later, Daphne meets Arthur at Pinehearst. Knox and Maury Parkman, the illusionist, are also in the same room. Arthur accuses Daphne of discouraging Matt Parkman from joining Pinehearst. She lies and says that she tried her hardest, but Knox can smell that she is lying. Arthur then orders Daphne to kill Matt. Maury becomes upset that Arthur wants his son dead and tells him that he will stop him. Arthur then snaps his fingers which causes him to snap Maury's neck telekinetically. Arthur then sends Daphne off to do his bidding.

At Matt's apartment, Daphne arrives with a gun in her hand. She tells Matt to turn around so she can shoot him. She tells him that Pinehearst will kill her if she doesn't kill him. Matt tells her to shoot, as long as it saves her own life. He turns around and says that he saw that in the future they were going to get married and have a child. Daphne drops her gun. Matt reads Daphne's mind and sees that the people at Pinehearst killed his father. Daphne tells him that she could not stop them.

Arthur, accompanied by two security officers, enters Peter's room. Peter has gotten himself free and tries to attack Arthur with a chair. Arthur raises his arms causing the chair to fly out of his son's hands and across the room. The two guards grab Pet


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