Scandal on Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford, ok yeah..she's 15 and he's 23, yup there's a bit of an age gap.

though, i personally feel that they look extremely cute together umm..the butt grabbing..yeah, sexy but also weird cuz she's sooo much younger than him. it made me excited for them and cringe all at the same time. was it necessary? and that kiss, damn that was aggressive, like they were making out and there would be no other days that they could feel up on eachother but this day, as opposed to romantic. HOT. lol. again, why i cringed cuz she's only 15. but i gess thats what gossip girl is known for...pushing the envelope.

another thing, is it me or did they not develop their relationship enough, at least their attraction to one another. granted, there was that one time where Nate kisses her accidently because he thought she was Serena last year, but i feel gyped and like i got the short end of the stick. it was only in this episode where it was shown that Nate had a thing for Jenny and vice versa.

ooo and Blair and Chuck. Omg, i effing want them to be together already. though take that away, my favorite story line would be finished as well. but wut's frustrating is that they are the only people who are in the way from being with eachother. damn pride. i really love the way Gossip Girl expounds on Chuck's humane side; the reasons why he is the way he is. I love Chuck n those of you who agree say I.


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