Private Practice 'What you do for Love' Review

After such a long break from the

Private Practice 'Do the Right Thing'

hanger dangling between Noah and Addison, we were left wondering which way the writers would spin the on-off love 'affair' between this heated pair.

Only to have a reminder of the couple's steamy, passionate, extravagant... kiss. What would you call Noah's fascination towards Addison that literally had him panting over her by her door step.

They gave us a brief introduction in 'What You Do for Love', but left us with unanswered questions as they switched over to Cooper and a pregnant Violet... which was kind of a disappointment. I haven't really been a fan of the Cooper-Violet-Charlotte triangle, but this scene was oddly amusing. Cooper is really fortunate to have a girlfriend like Charlotte, because I really do not understand how Charlotte copes with the Cooper-Violet situation and seeing that the only thing that pulls Cooper away from Violet is sex.

Maybe Charlotte doesn't worry because of Violet's other men; Pete, Sheldon. Violet seemed to be showing a hint of jealousy towards Pete's new girlfriend, by the way - are doctors allowed to date their patient's moms? Pete clearly crossed a professional line there.

Violet was also preoccupied with a proposal from Sheldon. Who else thinks that Sheldon occasionally pops in and out of scenes he is not necessarily needed in?

Sheldon is taking a huge risk there, proposing. What if the baby turned out to be Pete's, wouldn't that be a bit awkward?

On the other hand, I really cannot picture Violet married, let alone to Sheldon!

Heads up 24 fans, it looks like this was another crossover episode and this time between 24 and Private Practice. It is revealed that Bill Buchanan isn't dead after all. :)

If you are a 24 fan, you would recognize James Morrison as William White playing a guest star role in Private Practice and not as Bill Buchanan.

His role was left up to a bit of suspense, but we do know he tried to Woo Naomi. I know there is an age difference so when I say Woo, I really mean 'tried to offer Naomi a business preposition'.

James Morrison presented a strong presence and being a 24 fan myself, there was no Bill in sight. He still had the same look though you know that white chalky hair. Anyway speaking of looks, his own was up to no good, like he had something else up his sleeve.

Why this sudden interest in Naomi, because she's the best. I' kind of tired hearing that phrase 'I'm the best, You're the best...'

His visit to Charlotte's office confirmed my suspicions towards him, which made me wonder what his true agenda was, because Charlotte seemed to look up to him.

How does Charlotte know him and what was his true motives?

Would Charlotte be getting a storyline outside of the Cooper-Violet theme?

As we now turn our attentions back to Addison and Noah, let's give a little history to their plot.

Noah's character was introduced in the Finishing installment and was stretched between Four(4) episodes. You see Noah is a married doctor who's wife is Addison's patient. :O

His wife Morgan, has been having complications with her pregnancy, yet Noah still finds the time to drool over Addison. =O

Morgan knows nor senses nothing of Addison and Noah's kiss, but she does know that her husband is slipping away from her and the only thing that could save their marriage is the baby.

The Irony Of It All.


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