Private Practice 'Yours, Mine and Ours' Review

Now the final scene with Violet was cold and far out creepy, literally gave the chills...

When the crazy patients turn on their very own psychiatrists.

Katie Kent played by Amanda Foreman,

made her first appearance in What Women Want.

Katie was already regarded as mentally unstable ever since she lost her baby and couldn't come to terms with the loss by still regarding her baby alive and well. She eventually came to terms, with Violet's help.

Or so we thought.

Katie did present a sense of jealousy towards Violet, because after all she did lose her baby and Violet was there having hers all well and healthy. It was as though looking at Violet bore a constant reminder of what she lost.

I was surprised to see Katie reprise her role in the finale installment. Her case was dismissed in What Women Want and her reprisal came as a big shocker.

From the moment she became literally obsessed with Violet's grown baby and began touching her belly, I knew she crossed a professional line along with a sane line there.

She was just too happy. (Is there such a thing) Telling Pete everything was okay, she's accepted that it was her baby's time and the real factor was that she created life.

Things were far from perfect with her, because if she was so fine why did she keep going back for therapy?

Violet's instincts about the highly spirited Katie was correct, but Pete couldn't agree to administrating Katie to a hospital. Sadly, that was to Violet's demise. When Katie showed up at her home claiming her true motives, stating that Violet had her child, that she stole her baby from her and taking out utensils she claimed to have bought online, Violet knew her fate.

Katie wasn't a doctor, so how did she know she wasn't going to kill the baby with that stunt? Did she even care? She was sure sane enough to realize the audacity of the situation even when she rendered Violet paralyzed from the neck down. Couldn't she have waited until the baby was born? At least she wouldn't have blood on her hands that way.


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