Day 7: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM Review (Part 2)

It is amazing how much we are absorbed into the world of 24.


I knew that reporter was trouble from the beginning, threatening Olivia. After the facade and shenanigans she put forward; pushing Ethan out of office, I thought she could handle 'anything'. I imagined she would've threatened to kill him (but that would be messy) or even used some sort of back-up plan in case he went rogue, but she kind of disappointed me. The leash she kept on the reporter wasn't tight enough; giving into his sexual come on. I nodded distastefully at his attempt. 'Sleep with me and I would keep my mouth shut'. I actually imagined Olivia would have better taste, or even use her trickery to get out of any situation... she must have known that he wouldn't keep his word, if she knew him at all, so why go all the way?


*How did Olivia hold her cell phone in place to tape every juicy detail? (Do I want to know?)

*That reporter being married came off as a shocker, I couldn't imagine anyone saying 'I do'.

*I knew Kim Bauer had to show her face this season, the question is how would they twist the story to bring her in... what better than saving your dad's live, he's dying.

*Really and truly, did Olivia have to sleep with that reporter, it really made her seem cheap and I really liked-disliking her, now I don't know how I view her anymore.

*Does Hodges really think the President would rollover, sit, play dead (well you know what I mean). Hasn't he seen how the past 24 episodes paid off. Playing God only gets you killed, it doesn't ever work out the way you want... then again there's a first time for everything... and that's what the other malignant groups believed.

My fists are clasped together and I am ready to watch the bad guys go down. At least that's the way I anticipate the next installment. Until then I imagine different ways of the twist in the storyline, but still come up empty. Leave it to 24 to surprise you a mile away.

Day 7: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM Review (Part 1)

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Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-



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