Gossip Girl 'O Brother, Where Bart Thou?' Review:







One and a half out of Four stars






Bart is killed off. Lily realizes her true feelings for Rufus. Blair says the 'three words' to Chuck only to be let down at the last moment. Serena goes away with Aaron who confesses his hopeless love for her. Dan and Serena go together only to realize that their time has passed. Lily's secret is revealed.

The BIG secret's out Lily may have had a child for Rufus. That's all I could get out of "...was it a boy or a girl".

There were a lot of absurd plot lines in this installment.

*Bart's death came out of no where and it felt like a slap in the face. I didn't get to appreciate his death, nor Chuck's outburst towards Dan or Lily. The 'whore' reference was just uncalled for. Lily slapping him then apologizing- uncalled for.

*It's really amazing how Jenny became this big-time Seamstress. Eleanor trusting Jenny with the responsibility of her wedding dress was unbelievable.

*Blair hugging her father to be was sweet, but Blair being happy and extra-smiley at their wedding, she must be really getting used to him. That way she could be really related to Serena, if she hits it off with Aaron... I hope not.

*I really dislike the Aaron-Serena pairing. It disgusted me when he said he loved her. It just amazes me how at one time he was laying down the rules for Serena, saying he was going to have many girlfriends at a time and she had to be okay with it. Then another time he gained sudden clarity and decided Serena was the one and only girl for him (which I really didn't buy), and finally he says he loves her. I really cannot take his character seriously, he is a disappointing substitute for Dan (Even though I'm a bit over the Serena-an pairing as well).

*Ever since Lily's mom became all moral in the season opener towards Dan, I really didn't know how to look at her. Be it the trouble maker or the do gooder, I really do not know whether or not to like her.

*I knew the Lily and Rufus reunion was going to roll over, if it wasn't Lily who was going to break it off, Rufus certainly had to. This charade of on-off couples are becoming Gossip Girl and it can get really tired really fast.

I am disappointed with this installment, the big secret Lily kept went on for weeks and weeks on end, and the child she may or may not had for Rufus and Rufus making a big scene out of it, was a huge let down. Chuck and Blair together only to be not together- let down.

Last Season is beginning to look better and make more sense...



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Dec 9, 2008 12:41PM EST

yes, bart's death was so unexpected i thought he was faking it.To see what would Lilly do if he was dead. I didn't get it.This season is starting to be upsetting.

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Dec 9, 2008 12:55PM EST

HEY not fair, i logged onto the page to have the whole episode spelt out in front of me....putting SPOILER in big letters doesnt work when its the firs thing you see.... not cool!!

Dec 9, 2008 1:17PM EST

i didnt like ur evaluation atall!!!
i nli agree wit a few pointers...every1 already knew bart was going to die...nd hes nt that important in gossip girl anyway so hu cares if he dies or nt??
yea jenny gettin the job so easily was a bit sudden bt like it was a spur of the moment ting anyway...
blair hugging sirus was really cute i thought...she accepted him bcos he was jst as cunning as she was a few episodes ago nd also her dad aproves plus the fact that her mam is happy nd hes been living there for a while shes had a chance to get used to him. i think hes cute. the height difference is a tad weird b u get used to it.
i do agree wit u n da serena-aaron thing tho...dnt like him one bit...nd im gettin realli sick of dan nd her 1....but we all know serena nd dan r soulmates so u jst knw dats gona happen sumtime...
lilly's mam....i liked her after helpin dan nd i knw it wasnt her place to tell rufus but he had a right to knw nd i dnt tink lilly would have told him on her own...nd evn tho i didnt want it to end this way hopefully they can move on from this to bigger and better things.
And finally Blair finally telling chuck she loved him and him coming to her at the wedding was truely my favourite bit in the show and i had teary eyes to prove it....it was so beautiful and u cud jst see he wanted so say it back bt he cudnt...i love them...there jst made to be together....like she said they are "chuck and blair...."
loved the episode! dnt diss gossip girl!!

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Dec 9, 2008 1:30PM EST

lexabuti, nice work ;) you're really right about the whole things that happened. aaron is noones fav it seems to me. I remember schwartz saying he doesn't want serena and dan to be an on-off-couple like ryan and marissa in OC, so I'm hoping there will be no serena&dan any more, maybe in a long long time...
i don't like lilly's mom, because no matter where she is, after her presence, someone is mad at someone else. but anyway, i like her honesty. there has to be someone who can tell the truth. but sometimes i think she should take focus on her own life and not destroy others.
the only thing i really liked were the chuck&blair scenes, but i was so sad he left again.

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Dec 9, 2008 1:47PM EST

Bart's death was very uncalled for.. Its time Lily and Rufus got together.. they honestly deserve this more then anyone.. i thought Bart was faking it first as well..!!

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Dec 9, 2008 3:48PM EST

i kinda sad for rufus and lily's love for each other...they love each other for so long but still they can't be together..
i like the chuck & blair scenes too...i love blair on this episode...
and as for aaron..i really dont like him..serena is too sweet and nice for him.he don't deserve serena.i had a feeling there still be darena in the end.or maybe... they'll end up like they're parents... history repeat itself..(-_^)hmmmm???? i hope not

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Dec 9, 2008 4:20PM EST

'was it a boy or a girl' clearly meant she had an abortion....she went away to the as to cover having an abortion and probably stayed in the mental hospital for depression afterwards.
was implies that it once was living or he would've said is instead of was and by using 'it' further lends to the idea that Lily never actually gave birth.
clearly aborted

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Dec 9, 2008 4:37PM EST

actually schneider I watched it again just to double-check he says "IS it a boy or a girl?" meaning the child is still alive.

Default avatar cat
Dec 9, 2008 5:59PM EST

okay...so maybe its arron or serena...which would totally mess up serena and dan's relationship....(but since they already slept together that would be messed up, so im guessing its arran, hence why they made a big deal of letting everyonw know arran and serena aint slept together...OR possibly somebody completly different...but i reckon the kid will still be alive...make the show much more interesting! and was a mint episode:)

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