Make it or Break it Finale Discussion

If you are a gymnast you would notice certain flaws, but to the eye of a non gymnast you would find yourself bedazzled by the level of gymnastics.

Still 'Make It or Break It' didn't portray that element of great difficulty that would cause even a non gymnast to 'wow'. Emily didn't even do as much compared to the pilot, just her practiced routine that placed her in the top twenty and I did believe that Kaylie had it in her to push for gold, but the gymnastics was drowned out by all the teenage drama which sort of made the finale water down. Still that kiss between Emily and Damon was enough to keep an appeal for season 2.

Lauren still has to earn her stripes for next season, but I don't think there's any coming back from sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend or even a rekindling moment for Kaylie and Carter. Kaylie portrayed a degree of responsibility in the finale that was kind of unexpected when she called Carter to retrieve the necklace he gave her.

I am really interested in Emily's character and Triangle with Damon, Razor and Leo. Did we see a hint of jealousy from Damon towards Leo.

Anyway, this season needed to have more episodes, it felt too short, but I do look forward for the next season.

Who 's on board? Just to see what the writers would come up with and where they would take the characters next.

I don't know if anyone sensed this, but I did sense a connection between Emily and Sasha, maybe it's a coach-student thing, but they seemed awfully close.



Large newrachelimage
Aug 28, 2009 4:11PM EDT

I'm definitely on board, lexabuti! I think MIOBI shaped up to be my favorite new summer series (or is in a dead tie with Drop Dead Diva). Regarding Emily and Sasha, I sensed that too, but I don't think ABC Family would go there...I do think thought that they are clearly setting up an Emily/Damon/Leo love triangle; Razor, sadly, is out of the picture (he's on new CW show The Beautiful Life and is no longer involved with MIOBI).Also...what about poor Payson?

Default avatar cat
Aug 29, 2009 12:08AM EDT

I loved the season...i agree that the finale didnt have the 'wow' factor in the gymnastics but everything else was brilliant. Im intrigued by Emily's character too but i hope they show more of her brother next season coz he could have some really good storylines.I do agree that there was something between sasha and emily...and i disagree with RachelL that ABC wouldnt go there...i think they would...what makes me think so is Sasha's interaction with that sports agent...i forgot her name...but she's the african american aggressive woman...( her! she's a great addition to the show...and very realistic). She and Sasha joked about one taking advantage of the other when they were younger coz she was his coach or something like that...BUT...i have another theory about Sasha and Emily...i think the connection between them could be more like a father-daughter thing...(maybe)...and Sasha will eventually get with Emily's Mom...unlikely...but if ABC wanna play it safe thats a likely route they'd take...I cant wait to see what happens with Payson...I felt terrible after what happened to her...All in all it was an awesome absolute fave of the summer...without a doubt..and ill definitely be watching season 2...

Default avatar cat
Jan 8, 2010 7:13PM EST

Am I the only one that sees Sasha with Paycin's mum? I thought there was definately something between them. As for Emily and Sasha, I think that its more of a father daughter thing going on there. Something in Sasha's past perhaps. After all look at his name, the fact that he competed with the Romanian squad set against that lovely English accent! I think he has something dark and twisty inside. What do you guys think?

May 15, 2012 11:34AM EDT

@Captain-Pineapples sasha competed with the UK team in stead of the Romanian team for reasons I don't understand, there really is no way to tell at this point what would happen between Emily's mom and Sasha, or between Peyson's mom and Sasha, does anyone know if there is going to be a fourth season??

Jul 15, 2012 8:42AM EDT

I really wish they come up with more episodes. I LOVE THE SHOW. dont we all want to know who wins OLYMPIC GOLD!!!!

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