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Loved the outfit Lois, that was the only bit of 'Warrior' shown here though.

Why is everyone kissing Lois and Clark, except Lois and Clark! If you understand what I meant there, it was just painful having Zatanna's magic fingers all over Clark, couldn't Clark pull away before their lips touched, or even before she climbed on top of him! I wasn't even pleased with Lois' retaliation kiss, it didn't matter the other guy wasn't even hot enough for it to mean anything, and it only proved that she kissed him out of revenge, to appease her insecure conscience.

I am actually disappointed here. Ever since the writers placed Lois and Clark together, things kind of got mellow between them. Lois became more forgiving and Clark became more distant. It is really starting to get me very upset that there hasn't been a decent kiss between Lois and Clark in weeks!

The only possible advancement would be Chloe finally having her first crush since Jimmy and that very suggestive scene between her and Oliver in the end. Did Chloe really not know how to shoot that bow? As for Oliver, he was actually placed in odd scenes; like passing by the Daily Planet to see Lois and bounce into Clark afterward. Then we have the writers playing with the chemistry everyone wants to see happen between Chloe and Oliver.

Other than those plots, the other scenes with Zatanna and the boy wasn't really worth fulfilling an entire episode. Did Zatanna really need Clark's ex-ray vision to find the book? It just seemed too easy and predictable a storyline, especially the scenes with the boy-turned-superhero-turned-villain-turned-boy again. I was actually disappointed with the limited difficulty expressed here.

The writers need to work on tying up some loose ends and try having the absent stories like Zod, Tess and Amanda Waller, dealt with on a smoother scale. Zod made a huge suggestion about his plan and the towers, and Waller and Tess had this huge conversation to have - what happened to those? These should be acknowledged soon enough and I am probably still upset that there weren't really enough Clois scenes to take my mind off the other stuff. It just felt as though it missed something, and I didn't appreciate how friendly Clark was with Zatanna in the end and how clumsy they made Lois with the phone cord, as if she needed to be. Zatanna had to use her powers to get Clark to kiss her, Lois just needed to give him a look, or through another box his way.



Three and a half Stars

Grade C



Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2010 3:49AM EST

I agree, although I still enjoyed the episode, at least more so than I thought I would; this one felt a lot like early repeative "metor-freak of the week" episodes they used to have. I hate when shows have these type of episodes that just wade around in the water, leaving big plot points unattended and don't really go anywhere. This is like the 3rd week in a row without any development of the Zod stroyline, you are right about Lois and Clark, ever since they got together there hasn't been any development there either; their relationship almost seems like it has regressed back to the point before they actually started "going out." Its episodes like this that make me think Smallville might be better as a 16 episode per season show, where each episode is canon to the main plot, too often smallville writers make these stand-alone episodes that don't really feel important to the story. More focused writing would be great.

Default avatar cat
Feb 16, 2010 10:15AM EST

Actually I have noticed tat they tend to highlight mostly Oliver, Chloe, Clark and Lois in every episode. The scene I probably admired most was Lois changing in the mens room and Clark leaving Zatanna to find out what the fuss was about. Everything else was just same ole. I think now that Clark is taking on the responsibility of being a hero, he has to remember that he has to take on the responsibility of his relationship with Lois. He's the one that decided to make something of it.If he can't handle his love life, how could he expect to take on a group of Kandorians? Clark just needs some prospect in his life, now more than ever.

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