24 'Day 7: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM' Review

"What is Tony planning to do?... We already know he's lost Jack as a friend"

Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) deserves credit for his ability to

convince viewers that he has gone over to the bad side... if he was

ever good at all.

Last week I wondered how they were going to explain Tony's sudden 'bad

boy' turn and I must admit it was believable at that. It even turned

out better than I'd imagined it would. It wasn't a surprise that Tony

shot himself; why would Galvez (The Shooter) kill Larry and leave Tony

alive 'in good condition'!

Despite all the other plots; Hodges, Jack an Kim, I think this episode

really dealt with Larry's death which was rather a graphic appeal when

the camera was placed on his lifeless body, smothered to death (unknown

to the Medics at the time)...

I really missed Larry here, I really didn't like him, but he was

missed. His death was mercilessly committed, like he'd been stabbed in

the back and blinded from one side. It was really Renee that made me

let out a sigh of grief (Thumbs up to Annie Wersching for giving us a

beautiful performance)... Read More

Another person we must give credit to is Kiefer Sutherland's

performance as Jack Bauer. I clapped when Jack took charge again, I

really loved watching him on the field...

Jack - "...that was why I always worked alone"...

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