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Nothing compares when there are shows like this on television!

Is it just me, or were you just blown away by this installment. I found myself on edge, rooting for Jack's safe get away, unable to pull away from the screen. 24 is one of the best series which delivers season after season, and season 7 bears no exception.


I somehow knew that Jack would try to reconnect with Renee; she did root for him to interrogate Ryan Brunette. Renee obviously has a history with Larry Moss. Strange enough I felt myself disliking his by-the-book character, putting Renee into holding because she wouldn't give up Jack. That obviously puzzles Larry, because why does Jack have a tight hold on so many people. I think sometimes he shows jealousy towards Jack; everyone is willing to protect him even though his actions are inexcusable. What does Larry know, he admitted himself that Jack has more experience than even himself and Jack has seen more than he has.

Jack annoyed that Bill is gone, goes on a murderous spree, killing Ryan Brunette and then the Mayor for prosecuting him in the beginning. All of these allegations are better than some conspiracy theory. Still Jack's freedom hangs in the balance as every time he lives, someone else dies. What keeps Jack so committed, every time he tries to help 'his country' he always ends up being hunted like an animal, carried into custody, at least he nabbed the guy trying to frame and kill him and remains a step closer to protecting the same country that wants him gunned down; the irony.

As for the President's daughter, Olivia seems to be more than Ethan Kanin could handle. It's a shame, the President expecting her to change her old habits, doesn't he know that a tiger doesn't change it's stripes. We learned previously that Olivia cheated in the campaign when she leaked lethal information about the opposing party. There is something fishy about her character, not even a near death experience could wash away her old ways as she leaped at the chance to reclaim her position in the white house. Her mother couldn't even see through it, that mocking look she gave Ethan Kanin that mocking gaze when he confronted her about leaking information. How far is she willing to go?

I am still amazed at how 24 manages to surprise me by pulling different rabbits out of hats. At every corner there is another surprising turn and I am left in the passenger seat wondering where the show would carry me next!


Morris gets some screen time and is forced to out Jack in order to clean his wife's slate. I don't know why, but I was kind of expecting Chloe to warn Jack before the FBI had a chance to reign on Jack's Parade, looks like Quinn saved his skin, only to light it on fire.

Tony gets some screen time again, looks like he and Jack are going to do the 'me against the whole country' theme again.


Four and a half out of Five Stars

Grade A




Mar 17, 2009 2:53PM EDT

Good review.
I also thought Chloe was going to call Jack and warn him. Good to see Morris getting some screen time.
Who else yelled out when the Mayor got shot? I thought finally Jack was getting a break, but alas it wasn't to be.
I am really stating to dislike Olivia. What a bitch!!!

Default avatar cat
Mar 17, 2009 9:20PM EDT

I don't know what's going on with this 24 season ...
I find all the Fbi and government agents very naive .
I could "see "the Senator being killed 10 minutes before it occured !
This season is predictible .
I m disappointed...I want my 24 back !!Please Jack , help !!

Default avatar cat
Mar 20, 2009 7:30PM EDT

my favorite scene: stupid quinn following the blood stains. obviously doesn't know jack isn't that stupid.
result: jack bulldozes the crap out of him. and an actual FIGHT! yay jack! that's what i call monday night action :)

Default avatar cat
Mar 22, 2009 8:21PM EDT

i agree with ng on the fight scene. haven't had one of those on 24 in a LONG time!good review though. i'm glad to find out i'm not the only one who sees that there was/is something between larry and renee. all in all, good review.

Default avatar cat
Mar 30, 2009 12:06AM EDT

Hey you messed up your synopsis..it's not the mayor, it's SENATOR MEYER...idiot..and you call yourself a fan...:-P haha

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