Veronica Mars is a student detective who can be your best friend and worst enemy.

When this show first aired I was immediately hooked, I mean couldn't miss an episode hooked. Could you imagine a teenage detective that could solve all your problems. She charmed her way into our life and we grew to love her. We felt when she was heartbroken, happy and most of all in love.

Slowly over the first season Veronica formulated a romantic interest in Logan, quite ironic I know, since he made it clear that he disliked her for her sticking to her Dad's claim that the Kane's had something to deal with Lily's murder. Still They bonded over her same job as a detective. I grew to love Logan and Veronica over the seasons. That was what made up the show, how they closely formed a friendship and fell in love. Besides all the butt-kicking and manipulated and betrayal, Veronica still proved to be human with teenage problems like anyone of us in the world. We relate to her loving her dad as a single parent and loving the one guy you would expect her to love. It is Veronica's caring and kind heart towards her friends that made us love this show.

I thought the series ended suddenly, it left us open minded to a reconnection between her an Logan, though we were unsure what would become of her father. Every time I think about this series I smile and it always makes me sad that it ended to begin with. I still wanted some flame or spark to light up between her and Logan a bit more. You realized how much Logan changed because of her. It's just something to think about. Veronica Mars would live on forever.

A beautiful series.



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Jun 21, 2008 3:07PM EDT

yes its a beautiful series.........d concept is very intriguing a fourth season would be well received jus to tie up all d loose ends

Default avatar cat
Jul 20, 2008 9:46PM EDT

They were so adorable.
When I heard that CBS canceled Moonlight, I was upset that I wouldn't get to see more of Jason Dohring's character. Then I came upon this show and it had him and so many other actors that I'm fond of.
I just wonder why all the shows I seem to like always seem to get canceled :p

Default avatar cat
Mar 8, 2010 3:40PM EST

Here you find all the Veronica MARS Stuff at one place - episodes fan space.

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