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Gossip Girl came out with a different twist in 'The Grandfather' which worked out far better than last week's 'The Age of Dissonance'.

We welcome back Lily and Rufus after a long break. I'd anticipated a bit juicier storyline between them, though there were a bit of funny moments between them.

Lily and Rufus squabble over their past relationships and the fact that Lily's list was a tad longer (okay that's an understatement), but making a list of past lovers only spells disaster.

This was the first time where and episode revolving around a 'Nate and Vanessa' made sense. Nate bonding with his grandfather was trendy, though I often find myself wondering where he was when Nate sunk to the bottom. Probably watching Nate from the distance, hoping he would 'man-up' and take responsibility, like his grandfather stated he was proud of. I smelt something fishy with Nate's cousin after all began to cave in on Vanessa and she realized that the slight shove she gave Nate to reunite with his family, might have led to a tight squeeze and their inability to let him go. Nate got a taste of his grandfather's persuasion and ended up choosing the internship instead of a summer get-away. Still the internship does sound like an interesting way to spend your summer; a couple get-away could be done anytime I don't think Vanessa and Nate should split because of it.

I definitely did not expect a Blair-Nate reconnection. From the moment Blair and Nate got a one-on-one scene together I knew they were going to initiate something between them. When he gave Blair his coat and she gave him back, I actually thought Blair was up to something; probably remembering how happy she used to be with him, her first boyfriend.

The heart of this episode was watching Blair go into the lowest of lows, from welcoming an overnight guest into her home, to degrading herself in public and taking down some others with her. This was a side of Blair we haven't seen before. Degrading her image and lowering her inhibitions so that even an untamed Chuck could take her in his arms; but even that didn't work out as he threw away the opportunity in Blair's weakened state with a "It's not you" liner. Who felt a bit sorry when Blair had to beg her way into another school, let alone in front of Chuck and Serena? Sadly enough they could help her out of her depressing state.

There would be a triangular struggle between Blair, Nate and Chuck next episode Remains of the J and somebody might get hurt in between... or everyone might get what they want, who knows how it would go on Gossip Girl? Let's just hope it uses the same formula and mix it up next week.


*So Serena finds out about Dan and Rachel from a drunken Blair, which ended as quickly as it began. She slaps him and they have a laugh off? Not what I expected, but it was a bit amusing, sort of pictured her making a scene though.

*Jenny was way underused here. It was a good thing for Vanessa and Dan otherwise we wouldn't have seen her at all. What happened to her clothing line? All in time I guess.

*I hope they spruce up Lily and Rufus' relationship; I liked them in the earlier stages when things were 'complicated', now they are getting a bit dull.

* I liked Blair's dress, sort of like goody Blair gone bad.


Three out of Five stars

Grade B



Mar 24, 2009 1:41PM EDT

when was B ever good???but i really wished blair nd nate wudn't get back together.

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RachelL Editor
Mar 24, 2009 1:41PM EDT

Nice review, lexabuti! I agree with everything you said. A big improvement over last week's ep, which definitely disappointed me. Yes - Jenny is still woefully underused - and a Sweet 16 rager (next week's teaser) doesn't exactly seem like it's going to give the girl a lasting storyline. Rufus and Lily also do continue to be dull; here's to hoping they are just keeping them in the limelight until the spinoff episode is aired, and then they can fade into the background...or the not-dead dead child resurfaces to give them some trouble. One or the other.Chuck was back to his witty self this week and I also was pleasantly surprised by the number of funny lines that Carter had.Kind of wish I hadn't seen all of the spoilers about Blair/Nate in advance for this episode (which I imagine many others did too)...would have found it more shocking.Overall, enjoyed this episode quite a bit!

Mar 24, 2009 1:57PM EDT

like the review!I hope B&N don't get back together.But I like C fighting for B
I think C & B are made for eachother!

Mar 24, 2009 2:00PM EDT

Great review! I was surprised to really like Nate and Blair together, or whatever it is/will be! I love Chuck and Blair, but there's no way they could ever work again if they'd just hooked up in Blair's time of 'bad girl Blair.' I'm not sure if I really want Blair and Nate to be a couple, but I loved them finding their roots in each other, and I feel like it's either going to bring closure to them, or bring them back together for a while.

Default avatar cat
Mar 24, 2009 3:33PM EDT

i actually really liked this episode. Ive been getting rather dissapointed with the second season since the whole jenny and her clothing line issue ended, so its nice to see something interesting happen on gossip girl once again.

Default avatar cat
Mar 25, 2009 1:27PM EDT

Awesome review!! I really liked this episode. It brought all the essence of the various characters back. I am rooting for Chair, but right now I am actually kind of glad to see Nate and Blair together... I was really suprised to see how good that actually worked out. I think that Blair don`t need Chuck right now as she is going through this rough time. I think she need Nate atm and that they can finally get a closure.I am also happy to see Dan is back in his character.

Default avatar cat
Mar 26, 2009 8:52AM EDT

what a surprise???i didn't expect that.what happen to CHAIR???waaaaaaaaaaa......im looking forward for the next episode...i got more excited to what's gonna happen between CHAIR and NAIR

Default avatar cat
Mar 29, 2009 6:24AM EDT

I love Blair and Chuck so much more than Blair and Nate, but im interested to see how the Blair and Nate story turns out, I would like to see Vanessa gone she just annoys me! lol

Mar 29, 2009 2:12PM EDT

True...Vanessa annoys a handful of people...Despit my addiction to the Blair-Chuck storyline...I must say I'm totally impressed by the way they paired Nate and Blair together, again. I mean...WAAAYYY before this episode..i heard people wailing and complaining about how it would suck to see Blair with Nate once again, and that they would never watch the show for the only reason they watch is because of the two. Well, the case is the same for me. However, I was totally enthralled by the way the Blair and Nate was paired together. The scene, the timing and the ambience was just WOW! I never knew I could actually relate to the two. I hope Chuck decides to finally fight for her this time.

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