Castle 'The Double Down' Review

You know you've reached a point in your criminal career, when you begin to place bets on the cases you solve. It soon becomes the best way to pass time in the career that tends to suck the soul out from you. It only takes Castle to turn a profession into a dance lesson.

To top it of from a blast of a season premiere, 'Castle' found a way to make it all comedy and a whole ball of fun.

Who knew that placing a bet on two completely different crimes would turn out to be linked. Two complete strangers planning a murder was quite clever, but they must have really hated their counterparts enough to arrange for them to be murdered. I knew the husband axed his wife from the moment he began squirting out fake tears and regretting not professing his love to her. Somehow his words of love for his wife came off cold and lacked any sense of emotion, which was why I was shocked when he was marked at a game around the time of her murder.

We didn't really grasp why he hated his wife so much, nor should we care. These strangers would have to live with the guilt of concocting a slightly flawless plan and going behind bars when all fell through. Be careful who you talk to on board your daily boat detour, you wouldn't really know what stranger you could trust with your life.

It is almost amazing that every mid-life crisis Castle's daughter faces, she always gives an antidote for his poison. She finds a way to give Castle some life changing advice which inadvertently turns out to be the solution to his crime solving problems. It was all for the best she got rid of her boyfriend, he was really becoming a bit of a bore. Props to Castle's mother's acting skills, I really wondered if she finally had a screw loose.


Castle: "You know if this was one of those super sci-ency forensic shows you could stick some electrodes in these fishes brains get a fish eyed view of whatever they saw"

(I wonder if he would be the detective on that show)

Dr. Parish: "Looks like a patient lost his patience"

Castle: "Also his command of grammar. you're should be you-'-re as in you are, that's not even a tough one not like when to use who or whom."

Beckett: "Do you really think that's the take away here castle"

Castle: "I'm just saying whoever killed her also murdered the English language."

'The Double Down' was filled with elaborate humor and the title could have easily given away the entire plot, but whenever you've got Castle in a scene, one would tend to crack up rather than focus on the guilty. Who knew such a Romeo could cause you to break out a laugh for centuries. I was really looking forward to see him with that dress and shaved head. Oh Well.



Five Stars

Grade A-



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Oct 5, 2009 1:11PM EDT

saving my discussion of the un-originality of modern plots for another posting, i've noticed that the plots from each episode are being taken not from other shows, but from classic movies. wasn't the plot of this last episode also the plot to Strangers on a Train, or some other Hitchcock movie? i mean if your gonna rip a plot, its a good choice i mean, why copy an old show which itself eventually got cancelled when you can copy a classic that most modern audiences haven't seen. even better when the classic is one thats extremely creative and well written, like most of Hitchcock. i guess what im saying is while Castle is not itself original, its source is more or less under tapped, so while not 'new', its the only one of it kind on its tier of creativity currently out (how sad that a rip-off of a classic plot is still more creative then most 'original' plots nowadays).

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