Transporter 3 Review:

Frankly this movie was a big slap in the face. The only person I actually tolerated was Robert Knepper. (Most of you know him from Prison Break as T-bag; the notorious villain). He is well-known for these kinds of roles and was the only character that was actually believable in his part.

This Movie was very typical, nothing exciting, very unoriginal. Most of the action scenes were recycled from the last two movies. How many times must 'Frank Martin' use fighting as an excuse to do a strip tease.

After a while every scene became even more predictable.


The one thing which made me look away from the screen to ponder whether or not this movie expected me to take it seriously, was the lousy acting of (Natalya Rudakova)Valentina. When she began strangling the driver which took Frank's place in the car, I hoped he'd began strangling her instead.

Natalya Rudakova's acting felt pretentious from the beginning and sickened me throughout the entire movie. I struggled to keep myself from walking out on this one. I only hoped that such a ridiculous scene would be accompanied by something that would salvage this poor excuse of a movie... but I was wrong.

The storyline was just okay. Something needs to be transported, Frank must be near his car at all times otherwise he would die. Another girl that needs saving, but there's always 'the catch'. This storyline has been done before in the previous Transporter installments and is getting really old.

The chemistry between Frank and Valentina felt forced and the attempted sex scene between them where she hit him with the line 'make playtime with me' well I wanted to personally slap the screen.


Too many rules were broken in this installment, which broke down its credibility. Except for Jason Statham's well-worked body, everything else got tired fast.

The lame acting, poor lines gave me a low opinion of Transporter 3, which sucked because I really wanted to like this one.


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