Prison Break 'Killing Your Number' Review


Remember Paul Kellerman played by Paul Adelstein, well he's alive and back in action. This time offering the Prison Break boys a 'Clean Slate'.

This final installment ended with many twists and decent revelations.

We welcome back Paul Adelstein reclaiming his role as Paul Kellerman . We remember him from 'Sona' the Season 2 finale of Prison Break, where he was believed to be dead even though we didn't really see the actual murder I held out for him. Halfway through Season 3 I lost hope that Kellerman would resurface and imagined that the writers would continue to leave us hanging in the balance. His revelation was probably the only one that surprised me the most.

Another character we didn't see since Season 2 was Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin. Last time we saw him, he was being sent off to witness protection to testify against Mahone.

I knew it was him following Sucre from the moment he stepped out of his car and his revelation was poorly executed. His testimony fell through, because Mahone wasn't around to be convicted and he somehow formed an alliance with Kellerman.

Four Years Later...

Mahone is dating dating Agent Lang. I know they had some kind of loyalty towards each other, but I really didn't feel the connection between them.

Lincoln and Sofia are together while LJ goes...


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