Disney/Marvel Transaction OFFICIAL


It is official, Marvel share holders have approved the merger of Disney and Marvel. The merger will be completed before the market closes today.

Lately Marvel has seen great success with their comic heroes becoming big screen blockbusters. Movies like X-Men and Spiderman have had multiple sequels and have done fantastic at the box office. Even the Hulk has been redone twice, both times with well known actors Eric Bana and then the second with Edward Norton. Iron Man was last year’s big hit taking in $572 million at the box office and a sequel set to be released in the summer of 2010. Disney is working to complete negotiations to purchase Marvel by Thursday, December 31st, 2009.

Even though many of the first tier super heroes are tied up in long contracts with rival studios, Disney sees great potential in many of the 5,000 other characters that are developed within the pages of Marvel comic books. They have many choices for potential movie super heroes and will continue to look into them and develop those that they feel will be profitable. Disney is well known for turning seemingly unknown talent into multibillion dollar enterprises. This can be attested to with the start of Miley Cyrus in the Hannah Montana franchise or the High School Musical explosion that have both spawned movies, concerts, and merchandise.

Although no word has been brought up about which characters may be brought to the front to become the next big thing, it is thought that Disney may start out on a smaller scale instead of jumping right into spending millions on a movie that could end up a huge flop. Instead, airing shows on Disney’s channels may be the start to gauge interest and develop the characters more fully, which could then obviously lead to big budget movies. This merger will allow Marvel to reach many new markets worldwide and give them a huge boost in recognition. Marvel’s franchise could be put to better use with Disney’s backing in the form of more merchandise, bigger movies, and the potential for more themed rides or areas at any of Disney’s theme parks.

But with the good comes that bad. I still have a few questions regarding this buyout, but my biggest concern is that Disney will try and make Marvel it’s own brand. By that, I mean that Disney will completely takeover the franchise, and start doing things Disney-style. Personally, I would prefer Marvel continue to act as it’s own company, but gain the financial backing, and marketing opportunities that Disney would bring to the plate.