Review- The Princess and The Pear

A much lighter episode that last weeks "The Hero in the Hold", "The Princess and the Pear" lightened the mood after the previous episodes high drama and tension. After a body is discovered wearing a fantasy role playing costume, the team are lead to ImagiCon, a convention for fans of every genre based activity imaginable. Booth has injured his back allowing for the return of Marisa Coughlan as Agent Payton Perotta. In previous series the addition of a guest character to create further tension between the characters of Booth and Brennan hasn't worked well in my opinion, but Agent Perotta has the advantage of being much more aware of the feelings between the two leads than either of them. The difficulty that arises between Perotta and Brennan adds to the comic lightness of the episode, which is further added to by the drugged mumblings of Booth as he attempts to inject himself into the investigation while on potent pain killers.

I was slightly worried as to the setting of a Con for this episode as in the episode "Double Trouble in the Pan Handle" the comedy relied heavily on outdated stereotype of circus performers. However, while many of the fans attending the Con are over the top, there is definitely a sense that the show is laughing with them and not at them, which is demonstrated in a number of jokes made throughout, from quoting Obi Wan Kenobi to having a room full of black knights taken straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Over all, "The Princess and the Pear" was throughly enjoyable, especially if, like me, you are a geek and could spot all the jokes and visual gags that weren't sign posted. One of the standout episodes in what has been sadly a mostly forgettable series so far.


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