I just watched Caprica on and I can't stop thinking about it.

I've never seen Battlestar Galactica Before, but that's ok. This show is so original and intriguing, that it's great all on it's own. On a less enthusiastic note,

this series won't come out until 2010. WTF?!?!?! Anyways......, I just queued up BSG episode 1 on; If I can't get more Caprica until next year, I'll explore the world that birthed this masterpiece.

p.s. 2010. What The Frack?!?!?!



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Apr 14, 2009 5:09AM EDT

I really like this show. What do you think?Love it or hate it, and why?

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Apr 14, 2009 7:34PM EDT

Loved it. Gonna buy it even though i've already watched it. Can't wait for the actual series to start.

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Apr 14, 2009 9:10PM EDT

Bad news: I just founded out Terminator was cancelled today
Good News: I got a ticket for driving without a license when it was supposed to be suspended; because I paid my ticket (luckily I wasn't arrested). I looked it up on the internet and it is actually a very common even if you pay your ticket the DMV of many states likes to scam you and not put it in their system especially if they gave you the 1 month warning. For future reference, anyone who gets a ticket make sure you not only call the Clerk of Courts but the DMV also and give them proof you paid AND TOOK THE CLASS IF YOU DID to avoid getting your license suspended. I won my argument in traffic court today (hire a lawyer my ass I had proof coppers hahaha). They threw out the $130 ticket but wouldn't refund me the $65 dollars that I paid to renew my license (otherwise I would have had to drive around for six weeks without a license). *sigh* Damn crooked cops still cheated me out of $65. Oh if you dont have any proof hiring a lawyer is good because all of the lawyers know the judges and give them a cut (i am not lying or exaggerating I know FOR A FACT-racketeering bastards).
The BEST PART of my DAY: Caprica is UP YAY!

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Apr 15, 2009 8:16AM EDT

1) I (heart) It's like mah home.
2) I am confused. Did the two hour pilot air on the sci-fi channel, or did Ninja get it as a pre-air? Because if it actually aired, then WHY is it not coming back until '10???
Me = not so happy now. :|

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Apr 15, 2009 8:44AM EDT

It's being released on DVD 4/21. It has not aired yet on TV and I don't know off hand when it's scheduled to air. I think they have a DVD release because they wanted to be able to show the raunchiness in the holo-band club. And make some money, duh.

Large 1320614775 neverendstm0uw7
Apr 15, 2009 10:38AM EDT

Seriously this series got ENORMOUS potentiel!!
I strongly advise peapol that have not seen BSG to wait a see Caprica b4 the see BSG...
I think that by knowing how it all happened the BSG experience will be WAY BETTER!!!
Anyway i liked the 1h32mins i just had and wished it was going to continu for good!!
Ninjavideo has a Divx and a Megavideo ...

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Apr 15, 2009 2:29PM EDT

im not sure i agree with that alexxxfizz if people saw Caprica before they saw BSG they wouldnt have the idea of just how radical the idea of one God was to the people or how powerful the words "so say we all" are. At the same time tho if you saw BSG some people might say what they are doing is so wrong because it causes the cylons to be made. Eh i guess it is a double edge sword tho I think you could find many positives or negatives to watching either first.I guess it is good, sometimes,to get your friends and other people you know to watch Caprica first since it is not as sci-fi. :)

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Apr 29, 2009 6:40AM EDT

I found out that Caprica comes out in 2010 because they are trying to get the BSG crew back together.Since I started this thread, I've been watching a $#!+ ton of BSG and I think waiting for the old crew is probably a good idea.
BSG & Caprica frakin' rock!!!So say we all.

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