Crank 2: High Voltage - Review

When I first got wind of Crank 2 I was extremely skeptical. Yeah, Statham is one of my favorite action stars, and yeah I loved the first film, but the idea of a sequel to Crank just seemed absolutely ridiculous to me. Yeah, I know it is a completely ridiculous film to start with, but I just couldn't understand how they were going to bring Chev Chelios back for another feature, and anything without Chev, just couldn't be Crank.

Crank: High Voltage picks up exactly where Crank left off. We see Chev immediately scooped up off of the sidewalk, while the opening credits are rolling in classic 8-bit video game style. We then cut to Statham receiving his new artificial heart. Statham is quick to wake when he hears the next organ they are harvesting, and now we find him hell-bent on getting his heart back. However, his artificial heart can't keep up and constantly requires an electrical shock to keep going.

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