It drives me crazy when people compare a show to a book, but...

As an actor, writer, and director, I understand the difficulty of transcribing a page to a screen. I do, trust me.

I think that the people here have done a wonderful job doing this for an action oriented audience, but I feel like the books just do a better job of explaining Richard and Kahlan's humanity. I feel like we get such a skin deep look into their world.

For a show rating, I give this show a 4/5 for it's great visual componants (acting, VFX, dialogue, set design, ect.). As a fan of the books, I give the story presented here a 2/5 for not allowing us into thier world as the book would.

But overall, I think that this is well done and a nice change to Saturday television.


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Apr 4, 2009 3:17PM EDT

Somehow, I didn't hear about this already, and was just watching the start of episode one on youtube after clicking through a Merlin episode.. I only realised it was Terry Goodkind when 'Confessor', then Darken Rahl, was mentioned, and just about had a heart attack from excitement. I hope it's all it's cracked up to be from the first part I've watched! I was after something fantasy-related to watch tonight, and I've certainly found it!!
I know that's not particularly related to the original post, but I'm a tad hyped now so probably will be able to overlook things I'd normally be too critical of regarding book-to-film things. I'm usually one to much prefer books, but this I think could go in harmony with them.. we'll see on that though..!

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