Anyone Else Besides Me...?

Hey I was watching season four episode Zero Sum, when Cancer Man put out a cigarette (as he often does). And I had this crazy notion. Ha Ha. In my head I was just like...

"I wonder if there is anyone else out there, besides me, who feels like they're getting lung cancer themselves just from watching him."

lol. I know its not really funny in a haha light and airy sort of way. But more chuckles in the this-is-halfway-depressing-and-yet-halfway-true sort of way.

well I am done rambling. I just thought I would share my random musings.



Aug 11, 2008 7:35PM EDT

No kidding! He smokes...a lot.

Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2008 11:19PM EDT

As I understand it, William B. Davies, the actor that plays CSM, used to smoke when he was young but quit many years before he landed the role. And to be sure he didn't take the habbit up again, as you have mentioned the character smokes alot, he smoked herbal cigarettes on the series. Plus if you watch him, he doesn't inhale the smoke but rather holds it n his mouth before blowing it out. The herbal blend helped with the stench that smoking a ton of cigarettes leave on a person. I find it admirable that he was able to play the character so sinisterly to a tee without sacrificing his own quality of life.

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