The Hokey Pokey

I would like tro pose a new question to the group. lol.

This is another "Anyone else besides me..." question. And it is also a two-part one.

Firstly, during season 5 episode Chinga, (the one co-written by Stephen King) does anyone ele besides me think that the cast and crew SO turned it up and did the Hokey Pokey between takes?

And secondly, was it just me, or did anyone eles want to pause that episode and get up and do the Hokey Pokey themselves?

Well, for those keeping track (which is no-one), this is number 1 stupid comment of the day. So, until number 2...


Default avatar cat
Aug 12, 2008 5:21PM EDT

Dude, I read this comment like 20 minutes ago then went back to work on some emails, and now i've got that song totally stuck in my head! Not cool!

Aug 12, 2008 7:45PM EDT

lol I'm right with you two. Yes I think they did the hokey pokey, yes it made me want to do it and now I got the damn song in my head. It took nearly a week to get out last time. lol I really loved this episode. How can you beat X-Files and Stephen King? They go together like PB&J. lol
(P.S. I loved the new movie too)

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