Not Another Teen Movie [Quirky.

I just finished watching Not Another Teen Movie and find my self in a better mood ( pretty giddy). To be completly does go on the verge of being stupid. However, it has many funny moments and quirky comments.

IMDB's Review

"At John Hughes High School, the students are the same as just about every other teenager in a teen movie. The popular jock, Jake (Chris Evans), takes a bet from Austin, the cocky blonde guy (Eric Christian Olsen), that he can transform Janey, the pretty ugly girl (Chyler Leigh), into the prom queen before the prom. But two people are trying to stop Jake from succeeding: his evil sister, Catherine, the cruelest girl in school (Mia Kirshner), and Priscilla, the bitchy cheerleader (Jaime Pressly). And all of their friends are the same as any other teen movie: Areola, the naked foreign exchange student (Cerina Vincent), Les, the beautiful weirdo (Riley Smith), Malik, the token black guy (Deon Richmond), the desperate virgins (Cody McMains, Samm Levine, and Sam Huntington), Amanda Becker, the perfect girl (Lacey Chabert), Ricky, Janey's obsessed best friend (Eric Jungmann), and Sadie, the VERY old undercover reporter (Beverly Polcyn). Written by Will

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Priscilla (Pressly), a popular jock, Jake Wyler (Evans) makes a bet with his friends, that he can't make 'ugly girl' Janey Briggs (Leigh) into prom queen. After spending more and more time with Janey, Jake really starts to think whether he wants to keep the bet on or not."


Well thats a good review of the overall movie^^. But if your wondering what to watch...and have nothing better to do, then I say watch this movie. It is clever in some ways and is straight up funny. It has won 4 awards...(or nominees lol) and is the perfect teen movie. It is rated R has a lotttt of strong language (ff) and some sexual...scenes? (nudity)

Final Score and Rating

So after watching this movie... I feel it deserves a --

8/10 or a B

(no pun intended for the a-- thing lol..its part of the context of the sentence...hmm)

Seems yahoo and I are kinda on the same page because yahoo critics give it a C .

And for more users for the most part really rate it high... lots of b s and A's.


So in conclusion my final thoughts on Not Another Teen Movie is actually one of the funniest gag movies I have seen in a while. It's in extremley bad taste, it doesn't compare to The Naked Gun or Scary Movie, and yet I laughed a lot and loved the music. The music is great. So many borrowed songs from other films (my fav being Jawbreaker) and an additional musical sequence which is too funny.

The plot: Basically, like most gag films, there's one main film their making fun of and a lot of other movies they minorly mimic. In this case, She's All That (the dreadful Freddie Prince Jr. teen garbage) is the prodijay, with a Freddie look-alike.

FUNNY, FUNNY & funnier. Go see this movie. It's not perfect but it's not bad either.

and some facts to end this--

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Not a Teen Movie

Teen Movie

Production Status: Released

Logline: Four high schoolers are blackmailed into losing their virginity before the end of the year.

Genres: Comedy and Teen

Running Time: 1 hr. 28 min.

Release Date: December 14, 2001 Nationwide

MPAA Rating: R for strong crude sexual content and humor, language and some drug content.


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Production Co.:

Original Film


Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group

U.S. Box Office: $37,882,551

Filming Locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA

Produced in: United States