The Simpsons-----The Simpsons Bart the Genius (1990) Season 1 Episode 2

Bart The Genius


---Directed by

David Silverman

Writing credits

Matt Groening (creator)

James L. Brooks (developer) &

Matt Groening (developer) &

Sam Simon (developer)

Jon Vitti (written by)

Dan Castellaneta... Homer Simpson / Conductor (voice)

Julie Kavner ... Marge Simpson (voice)

Nancy Cartwright ... Bart Simpson / Skinner's secretary (voice)

Yeardley Smith ... Lisa Simpson / Cecile Shapiro (voice)

Harry Shearer ... Principal Seymour Skinner / Dr. J. Loren Pryor / Mr. Prince (voice)

Marcia Wallace ... Edna Krabappel (voice) (as Marsha Wallace)

Jo Ann Harris ... Ms. Melon / Richard / Lewis (voice)

Pamela Hayden ... Milhouse van Houten / Ethan Foley / Boy (voice)

Russi Taylor ... Martin Prince / Sidney Swift / Ian (voice)

I was trying a new sort of start the review off. I thought I could use myself and IMDB. (i give full credit of the above stuff to them lol :))

And The Review starts

Bart is fearing that he will fail an intelligence test, Bart switches exams with Martin Prince. When school psychologist Dr. Pryor studies the results, he thinks that Bart is a genius, and Bart is enrolled into a new school for genius kids. Bart doesn't fit in very well though. Now of course we all know Bart is probably as well...someone's ass. But that doesn't mean he can't be intelligent!!! He does cheat...ok..well..we all get that...urge, but think of DOING that...its cleary impressive. How many people would think of stealing the smartest kids' IQ test to do better. I know I wouldn't..and im sure no one would. This shows he has a chance to be intelligent.

He likes the new school at first because he can sleep whenever he wants and read....---lol.. read--- but when he goes for a comic he gets it swiped out of his hand. In the end he by accidentally makes a wrong potion/mixing and blows the room up. With that said they figure out he's actually a dumbass (who knew) and send him back to his old school.


# The whole family goes to the opera to see Carmen. They have balcony seats and the stage is to their left, yet later on you can see them looking to their right.

# The Scrabble board keeps changing.

movie connections

The Simpsons: So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show (#4.18) (1993)

- One of the clips used in this clip show episode.

User's thoughts

Intellectual culture, 25 July 2006


Author: Brandt Sponseller from New York City

The animation is still the slightly rougher style of the first episode, Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, but already, with this first regular episode, Bart the Genius, the humor is beginning to be more layered, quicker and greater depth of characterization is already appearing.

This episode firmly establishes Bart's slacker personality, and more subtly, Lisa's intellectual superiority to the whole family. Although that's the main theme of the whole episode (there's also a nice secondary theme of Bart and Homer's father/son relationship), it's given to us first in a nutshell as the episode opens with the Simpsons playing Scrabble. Lisa comes up with id for her word--short, but something you have to be well educated to know. She has to read the definition to the rest of the family from the dictionary, which has been serving as a way to prop up the couch. Marge can only come up with he. Homer has oxidize already sitting on his tray in order, but doesn't recognize that it's a word, so he presents do instead. Bart comes up with kwyjibo, which he insists is a word. Similarly, in the main plot line of the episode, Bart cheats on his IQ test, which leads to his being put into a special school full of gifted kids. We know that's not likely to last long.

The Simpsons has always had a lot of fun playing with varying degrees of intellectual abilities among people through its characters, and more importantly, they way that people with vary degrees of intellectual ab



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