Best merlin yet?

Finally a consistent good storyline. Dont get me wrong i like the merlin storylines but im so sick of the whole go to dragon for help, save the day and another sorcerer pops out of woodwork.

We have a consistent villian...well actually several consistent villians which is nice.

The creepy druid boy(He is very creepy)

The dragon(Maybe)

The fanatic(If you watched last episode you'll know who im on about)


what i like the best about this episode was what merlin saw when he saw a possible future and of course the dragons impatience is waning faster than a snowman in summer. I also liked all scenes with Uthur and Gauis(Please dont stone me to death for spelling). The young actors are okay but those two really steal the show.

So who agrees? Disagrees?


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Dec 7, 2009 11:27AM EST

I agree! I'm so excited for Morgana to finally start being a villain. I thought she was fantastic in this episode. I loved her "and you will go to hell" line. Awesome!

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