Well, somehow I strayed from the 'loop'...

Ok, Ok, Ok, evidently I am the ONLY person left on the planet that is this clueless...

[I mean I am not that lost, to the point where I wouldn't know that I was a bimbo... I have accepted that! =) ]

Anywho.... I was told that Dexter ended. You know, that the one episode where he blew up the cottage with that cocky co-worker in it, the one who was all up in his business constantly. Then he tracked down the stalker chick and did all of us a favor and "offed" her. [I dunno about you but I couldn't take knowing that a woman as psychotic as her was still lurking somewhere, she needed to be put down the same episode she first appeared in...anyway] It all made sense to me, because he cleaned up the "mess" and had a clean slate, then I saw they started airing Dexter on a local station starting back with season 1. Then I saw some post on a fan forum that it was indeed a mini-series and would not be back.

I suppose I will find out what is really going on after I post this, then attempt to watch what looks like 3 *NEW* episodes?

:::: Sigh ::::

~Lyssa Rae~

......Sh*t.... this means I have to call Dish Network and re-add Showtime....



Default avatar cat
Oct 14, 2008 3:22PM EDT

Nah, don't worry about adding Showtime! Why pay for Dexter when you only have to wait a day to watch a new episode online? :)

Default avatar cat
Oct 25, 2008 9:27PM EDT

Good point! Lol.. thanks =)

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