Oops they made a bit of a mess...

Soooo on this lovely day off, I just watched Episode 1 of the NEW Knight Rider 2008 series. I was a HUGE fan of the original show when I was a kid so I really REALLY wanted to like it....

I think it's going to be a flop, there are a lot of great show out there right now and this unfortunately really sucked!!

The car is way too bulky - Kitt should be sleek and sexy, looks like it's come out of retirement after putting a bit too much weight on...LOL!! OK so it's supposed to be a new car, the Kitt 3000, but hell they just chose the wrong model.

The lighting was fine, but the image looked REALLY flat, I don't know if that was the look they were going for, I work with cameras and there was not a lot of depth of field, which is kinda boring visually, so to compensate ti seemed like they went overboard on the badly done MTV style editing and that really started to piss me off. Ok, we get that the show is about a cool car and a shot here and there of it motoring faster than a speeding bullet is cool an all, now stop showing me flashes of cutways and bad editing and get on with the story!!

The car chase on the mountain scene was appallingly cut together - I had to cringe! As was the supposedly tense scene where someone was trying to open the motel door and kill the people inside, HELLO!!! Do we really need 20 cutways of the door handle turning interchanged with another 20 cutaways of anxious faces and about 2 mins of this to build tension, it kinda put me to sleep - I wanted to go make a cup of tea and could prob come back and the door still wouldn't be open! LOL!

I liked the way they used CG to show the car changing its image and the bullet proofing, it was quite funky and about the only redeeming feature in the show along with a few new graphic images that will be cool if they don't over use them.

David Hasselhoff did a shot guest appearance at the end, OMG he was awful, I loved him in the orig series but the man cannot act!! He kinda looked a bit robotic, maybe the writers will reveal later in the season that he actually is a futurisitc ROBOT that changes into a helicopter or something !! LOL!!

The new guy is Hot though and thank god they seemed to have cast it pretty well, some ok talent in the show.

Sorry for the rant - had to put these thoughts out there somewhere!!!



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