Supernatural gets my vote!

WOW! I loved the first episode, it gives away just the right amount of detail to satisfy you and keep you watching, but not enough to make us feel like spoon fed idiots. The ending gave me chills, what an amazing encounter for Dean to have, after all he has never had faith in the existence of good and here it just walk up to him and laid down a mother of a challenge!! I've been watching the show for a while now primarily for the cinematography which I think rocks and the performances of the guys which is pretty great - the story line has been coming along very well, although I was getting a bit bored part way through season 3 for the first time, and Supernatural doesn't have the great plots and kick ass writing that say Battlestar Galactica or Prison Break have, but the way this season started, if it continues to be as good as that, this show is going to be unbelievable!

Congratulations cast and crew on a great season opener.



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