A vampire show you can sink your teeth into....

Ok, so that was corny but sometimes corny is a good thing. And Blood Ties is a very good thing. Granted the whole supernatural sleuth thing has been done before, Dr. Who and The Nightstalker come to mind, however I love it when they can take an old idea and make something wholly new out of it. This is what they've done with Blood Ties. Set in modern day Canada, a very independent woman, cop turned P.I., has a run-in with the dark forces completely by accident and quickly becomes immersed in it up to her eyeballs. Ok, yes the whole sexy vampire schtick has been done before too, but that was before Kyle Schmid burst onto the scene and made his character of "Henry", a direct descendant of Henry the VIII and hotty vampire, a memorable one. The character of Vicky Nelson, played very well by Christina Cox, is a complex character. A typical woman in that she seems to know what she doesn't want more so than what she does want, attracted to the bad guy while at the same time seeing him for what he is. What's a girl to do? They have great chemistry together and make the whole sexual tension quite believable and satisfying for their target audience, which comprises mostly of women. I love sci-fi, fantasy, romance, action/adventure shows and low and behold here is all of that rolled into one. Watch it from the beginning and you'll be sucked into it as well.


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