Love it or Hate it...?

Right now I have to admit that i might be slightly obsessed with True Blood, but i think it has more do with trying to figure out whether or not i like the show than the actual storyline. Every week i tune in and watch the show as if i were trying to descover the true meaning of life, but every week i either love or hate the episode. I'm starting to get confused on whether or not i actually like the show or not.

I was one of those people who defended the show after the first episode, but i'm starting to understand why some people really don't like. For instance, i don't mind watching sex scenes, but some of the scenes in the show aren't completely necessary and leave me skipping over them to get to the good stuff.

I also don't like how the whole Bill's innner-battle over his humanity kinda just creeped up out of nowhere when he and Suki had sex. I mean they could have had that going on from the first episodes. Not like a major storyline but just a few scenes here and there. I don't know this show is starting to confuse me in respect to where i like it or not...


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Oct 26, 2008 6:28PM EDT

I agree some of the sex scenes are a little too much, but at the same time I think it's important to the story. Most of the sex scenes involve Jason and I think, regarding the murders we need to know he can't keep it in his pants and that he likes it rough. I suppose they could have done it a different way, maybe Jason bragging to someone but I don't think the sex scenes ruin the show.I also think that in regards to Bill only showing his inner battle with humanity after he has had sex with Sookie is because he cares for her and she is bringing his humanity out again.I could be totally wrong on these points but I really like the show. I have read the books as well and I think the series is staying surprisingly true to them which I really like.I wouldn't give up on this show just yet.

Oct 26, 2008 8:21PM EDT

Interesting, but reading the books really gives one another look on the whole thing, and still i am looking forward each episode on internet very late on sunday night.

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Oct 26, 2008 9:03PM EDT

the book are just like diaries and I find the tv show more entertaininig, true Blood also tries different directors, so some episodes change from one another in the perspective. People had many expectations, some wanted Sookie to be a new Buffy, others wanted a Moonlight sequel, True Blood is just what it is! So many things are different in this show than in a usual vampire show, plus I must admit that some action is missing! ANyway the sex stuff makes me more sad than anything else for Jason, he lost his parents very young, in the last episode he was crying while dong it, I mean, come on, we get through Jason with his rich sexual life! With Amy things seem to get better for him, hope it will work! Bt there are 8 books, so a lot more is coming! I like the development so far, and also like the part with Tara and her mom, I still dont know if I want her to be with Sam or Jason one day! the eight episode will be a major one in Sookie new activities! I just cant wait!

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Oct 26, 2008 10:13PM EDT

I watch True Blood and part of that was because I heard a lot of hype around it, but I have to confess that I still don't think it is must-see tv.
Funny enough, I do like Jason as a character, lol. He keeps the spark, because he is mostly insane and a train wreck. But I haven't even warm-up to Sookie yet! And she is the main character! =/ That REALLY bugs me.
Why I still see it? Well, I stick to my stories. I suffer from the "I need to know what happens next" syndrome. So here I am still.
In conclusion: I find it good, but just that. I'm on the fence too. Maybe I would like the books better because I do see some aspects of the show that I like. But as a whole, I don't know.

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