The Death Of Lelouch

This is one of the best animes i have ever seen, but it is also the sadest i have know idea what the makers of this story were thinking, but throughout the story all the really important and loved carictors died. i excepted that, because i thought it would have a happy ending. i am so heartbroken that lelouch died there could have been another ending that had him alive in it and i think it is horrible that everyone thought he was a monster when he had himself killed he made himself become the bad guy inorder to save the intire world. how could the story have ended with him giving his life,respect,reputation and everything he was for a world that for eturnity would see him as a moster and would celibrate his death in stead of mourning it. such an ending truly breaks my heart it makes me think those people who made this story were idiots for killing him the least they could have done was make it so that his death was faked and that he lives with C.C i would have accepted that ending even if i had problems with how the world would see him as the bad guy at least he would be alive and free.


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