Hancock DVD Re-view

I have always been drawn to superhero movies. Something about the thought of having super powers appeals to the kid in me. I would love to fly, have super strength, and super speed. Wouldn’t you? I think it appeals to all of us. We might not all enjoy superhero movies, but a part in all of us wants to have some kind of special ability. I think. And I have always been a fan of the traditionally Will Smith 4th of July blockbuster film. I’ve enjoyed every one, from “Independence Day� to the set of Men in Black movies. The movies may not be the best examples of cinema, but they never fail to entertain me. Sure, there is not much re-watch value, but they are good for 2 viewings, once on the big screen and once at home on DVD. Anyway, “Hancock� is a superhero movie. But it is not like your average superhero movie. This movie stars Will Smith as the superhero slob known as Hancock. Hancock is not without his human flaws, a characteristic of this movie you won’t find in most movies in this genre. He is an alcoholic, a slob, and foul mouthed. This hero is definitely not a role-model. When he is not “saving the day,� Hancock lays around on bus stop benches drinking his life away. When he is “called into duty,� he is reckless, with no regard for public safety and no remorse for the damages he causes in his pursuit of “justice.� And because of all of this, the public does not think highly of their “hero.�

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