The guy stuck to the roof at the beginning of the Lost Room

I was thinking about it and i am not 100 percent clear on why the guy at the beginning of the Lost room was stuck to the roof. The one guy is stuck to the wall and the other guy is stuck to the roof. I remember the weasel says later on in the Lost Room that the pen works like a microwave cooking its victims from the inside out which is why their clothes isnt damaged, and everyone knows when you cook something in the MICROWAVE and dont COVER IT IT GETS STUCK TO THE ROOF HAHA :P. That EXPLAINS WHY the guy was stuck to the roof but it doesnt explain why he is MOLDED INTO the ROOF the guy stuck to the wall is slamed into it. Is this just a stupid inconsistency because it would be harder to have the slamed-into effect in the roof as opposed to the molded-into one? What are some of you-The Lost Room fans, thoughts?


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Mar 14, 2010 1:01AM EST

I just watched the Lost Room for the 1st time tonight. I bought the DVD at a close out sale not realizing it was a series. Well, I'm hooked! We loved it. Wouldn't you know it, I don't have the 2nd DVD so I have not seen the entire series as of yet. Looking for it now. In the beginning scene, I think it was just shock value & it is assumed you will forget about the details as you continue watching. It didn't really make sense to me either as to why he ended up on the Ceiling. Silly.

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