What are your Favorite BSG Quotes?

Im sitting here still sad over the loss of what I feel was the best written show on television ever. Im sure most of you have your favorite quotes of the series. Among my personal favorites were what happened before will happen again and "frak" of course but I most recently loved the recent recurring exchange between Starbuck and the Old Man:

Bill Adama: What do ya hear, Starbuck?

Starbuck: Nothing but the rain.

Bill Adama: Grab your gun and bring in the cat.

It sums up her entire role to the fleet throughout the series. She was the person they would always turn to whenever they were in a pinch or needed a Hail Mary (ie the Arrow of Apollo back on Caprica, finding the colonial beacon, the final jump home). It is needless to say that she is my favorite character, truly dynamic, she has changed the most throughout the series but still kept that one same constant. Katee Sackhoff played her beautifully and her range of emotions especially when Starbuck was losing it was amazing.

What were all of your favorites quotes and why?


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Jun 1, 2016 4:59PM EDT

I loved the speech Apollo gave in 3.20 [to the court]! - sadly, I don't know where to find a script, but that [not quite few] lines would be my choice!... and he is my favorite, too; curious enough, due to, that I usually don't like the heroes, american writers give us: they are often to perfect, to unreal, to simple-mindet, one sided - even close to being have-wits, if you ask me!... they are hardly ever "kantig" (edgy? - chiseled/rough/coasre/uncut? - or even brutish (like Brutus...)? - abysal? - I don't know the right translation for it! - they are to slick!)... small heroes thought out by small minds, bread in small souls, meant for small people... for Christians looking out for some shepherd or even messiah!... Apollo was more than that... he had nearly everything I consider a virtue... "[...] nicht tugend sondern Tuechtigkeit (Tugend im Renaissance-stile, virtu, moralinfreie Tugend)." (The Antichrist, 2.) ("...not virtue but fitness (renaissance-style virtue, virt[u], moraline-free virtue)." -> )
and he was too righteous, to just see things in black and white, even siding with balthar in his trial, for knowing, that he wouldn't get a fair trial otherwise... he was the one to do it, and even put his whole reputation at risk for that - not only that one time!
sorry, if that was too much of information ;)

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